Fuel Walbro Svt Focus 284 Lph Fuel Pumps For Cheap? Yep And I Will Tell You Where To Get Them

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  1. I made a trip to the local Auto Zone the other day and noticed a '98 Cobra sitting in the back of the parking lot where the employees park. I asked who owned it and was directed to the assistant manager. We got to talking about Mustangs and told me some very interesting information that I will share with you guys: you can buy a Focus SVT fuel pump with installation kit from Auto Zone for $65.99 that flows 284 lph. It comes in an Airtex box BUT the pump is made by Walbro and has "Walbro - Made in the USA" stamped on it. Now before someone chimes in and says "well yeah, but it is probably just a Walbro pump body that has junk Airtex parts in it...," I will just go ahead and preemptively tell you to get your facts straight. I called Walbro directly and asked them about this and was told "that pump is made by Walbro in Caro, Michigan and sold to Airtex." Now, not all fuel pumps that Airtex sells are made by Walbro, but this one is. So, you can spend $100+ for a Walbro 255, or you can opt for an OEM Focus SVT pump that will set you back $400+ and is probably still made by Walbro, OR you can buy a Walbro SVT Focus pump that comes in an Airtex box for $65.99 from Auto Zone. Here is the link:

  2. Being the automotive industry for 15+ years this stuff happens all the time. Our Company built CV Axles for Ford, GM, etc. It was sold as theirs but built by us. We did this on 25 product lines.

    Good tip on where and how much.
  3. Im sold. Ordered
  4. What was the part number? Does it matter if it was for the SOHC or the DOHC? I want to make sure I get the right one. I know people on 99 and up cars have run foci pumps, but I wasn't sure that they fit our older cars??
  5. Aren't the SVT Focus pumps the variable speed ones that go on cars with returnless fuel systems? That's still a heck of a price either way.
  6. Yes, the turbine style.. supposedly new pumps work on old cars but old pumps wont work on the newer cars
  7. supposedly? I want to know for a fact if it's possible.
  8. Good deal. Go ahead and post up some more details, and let us know if you have any problems.

  9. Im interested to see if this works. Im still running the stock pump on mine(17 years and running strong) lol. Its about time for one before it leaves me stranded somewhere.

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  10. There is one person here that probably knows. wmburns probably would know off hand, and the more I think about it, it probably will. I'm guessing that at full voltage (+12v) that the pump will run at full speed and deliver the rated 284lph, but I'm just guessing here, since I'm not entirely sure how the speed is controlled on the newer cars. I think it's done with varied voltage, but I don't know for sure.
  11. Pulse width modulation
  12. Guys, how the fuel pump's output is controled depends upon the model year. For the return systems (98 and older), there is a fuel pump speed relay and ballast resister. The ballast resister is in series with the pump and reduces the voltage to the pump.

    Not all Mustangs use a two speed fuel pump with ballast resister. The 96-98 Cobra does. The 96-97 GT does not. The 98 GT does.

    The fuel pump control system is basic in that above a certain RPM range, the PCM commands the fuel pump into high speed mode.

    For the return-less fuel systems (99+), a fuel pump driver module (FPDM) is used. As stated above the FPDM does use pulse width modulation.

    Not all fuel pumps are compatible with a FPDM. The results of using a non-compatible fuel pump will be shorten service life and likely not provide the pressure control needed by return-less systems.
  13. I know for a fact that in 94/95 applications the pump gets a constant 12v and all regulation is done with the vacuum actuated diaphragm regulator. My buddies 96 4.6 equipped Mustang is the same way. Return style fuel system pumps are either on or off. Their design does not allow their speed and pressure to be actuated by voltage. Returnless systems use voltage to control the pump and therefore control pressure to the rail.

    The question we're asking in this thread is not how the two different systems work because we all know that. What we want to know is if it's possible to use a returnless fuel pump in a return style system. Basically, if you feed a returnless fuel pump with a constant 12v, does it then put out the rated 284lph volume without burning out due to always being at max pressure output.

  14. We know that.. What we are trying to figure out is if the returnless style fuel pumps are compatible with a vacuum type, return style regulator, while running wide open, all the time.. I know we don't have FPDM's
  15. Will this work with an 03 GT? Sorry, I'm still learning Mustangs and fuel injection. Also, how much rwhp would this support. Shooting for 550-600 next winter when the motor comes out and a the new combination goes in.!

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  16. Yes it will
  17. Yes it'll work on your returnless 03 GT. And yes, that pump will support that much power.
  18. Cool, thanks.

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  19. I would like to know if any modifications would need to be done or if it is just a bolt in place and go? For my application I am talking a 95 gt.
  20. $54.89 at RockAuto........