Wana hear my car?


I was N/A once, it was awful.
Nov 29, 1999
In your computerz watching your pronz
Me and a friend were just messing around with the video feature on my little Pentax (love this little camera) and I had it on a low res setting so I could upload it easier but to my astonishment the thing has a pretty good sound recording ability. :nice: Anyway this is just a for fun launch in a closed lot. Love how it will break them loose at will :banana:
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I was N/A once, it was awful.
Nov 29, 1999
In your computerz watching your pronz
Anyone else? Should i keep the exhaust the way it is cause it sounds good or does anyone think its to raspy or crappy and should get something different.
38 views and only one comment make me think that most dont care for the sound.... of course you need a half way decient speaker setup to properly hear it. I have just an Altec Lansing Sub/Sat combo and it sounds pretty close to the car :nice:


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May 20, 2006
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I have surround sound for gaming, and I personally don't like it:shrug: Not a raspy tone if you ask me, it's more like a deep blurt. I'd actually go bassani's or some type of 3" straight through since on 4v's they sound awesome. Or if you want to stay chambered see if they have 3" MAC's


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Dec 6, 2004
It sounds good, but I'd step it up to a full 3".

And sell or trade your H pipe for an X...:D

+2 for Mac's if you want to stay chambered, I wouldn't go Flow's again IMO.

If it were ME... Borla Stingers FTWMFW!!!!

Sounds scary though...:nice:


I was N/A once, it was awful.
Nov 29, 1999
In your computerz watching your pronz
I dont like the way Bassani sounds. My friend has them on his GT and they are way too obnoxious. Also I dont like the sound of x-pipes. i prefer the deeper tone of a H-pipe so im keeping that. I cant seem to find a 3" kit from Borla like 04Sleepers so I will prolly go with a MAC 3" system or JBA system.
Anyone here running a JBA? I wonder how they sound :shrug:

I did scare the crap out of this one girl that wanted to hear it. I started it and didnt see her stroll behind the car but I did see her jump sideways when i reved it :rlaugh:


Jul 3, 2004
O/R H pipe>O/R X pipe

Your car sounds good to me, but I would look into some Bassani, Borla, or Magnaflow mufflers. I prefer the chambered mufflers on the pushrod cars personally....
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