Wanna see me rev my engine to 5700 rpm?

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  1. I have revved it to 6k before, but for some reason it cut out at close to 5700 rpms. :shrug: Does it sound like the lifters are floating? I have no rev limiter...so I don't know why it does it. :p

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  2. Hydraulic or solid lifters?
  3. KaBOOM!!!
  4. Why? If a VALVE floats and hits a piston, you will at the very least need to take the heads off and at worst have to disassemble the whole engine. If nothing hits, you're still shortening the life of your engine, somewhat like smoking, drinking and doing crack while having unprotected sex with a hooker.
  5. Hydraulic.

    5700 RPMs really isn't that much, but I consider it alot for my engine (which has lots of miles on it) :p
  6. I have a mild Crane hydraulic roller cam in my 302 and the spec sheet says peak hp and torque at about 5400 rpms, but I never had to take it that high to get the thrill of speed.

  7. :lol: :lol: that was great, hahaha