Want 35 more hp

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  1. i agree. i wish i would have done the fox tb along time ago
  2. You might run into problems when you need more flow than you can get an elbow for, but I don't buy that the angle of the elbow has any effect at all. The flow path on an SN is much straighter than on a fox. The foxbody has that very sharp 90 degree curve right before the throttle body. I think for most streetable applications you are never going to need more flow than a 75mm elbow can flow. I also had problems with valve cover clearance until I got the Trick Flow valve covers. Now I don't have any spacers. I had to run a spacer on the Cobra intake I had on my foxbody.

  3. Out with the old and in with the new.
    Old engine bay
    Lowers comparision
    Upper Comparision

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  4. Wondering if I will have to redo my intake tube from blower to T/B... this intake looks taller...
    Working the vacuum lines.. waiting on the 1262S-2 intake gasket, that is what was on it... Rest of the parts should be in to Cincy Speed tomorrow. Going hunting Sat. unless it rains... Might still finish this weekend though.
    Thanks again Chris..

  5. Glad you like it bud, and wow that thing dwarfs the Cobra haha
  6. No comparison between those two intakes...
  7. Quite a difference.
  8. are you going to take it back to the dyno then?
  9. Addition of the new induction is def. going to get you over the 35HP you need. The Cobra intake is a mild intake at best. Even with high flow cats it's still going to make lots of power. Get it tuned afterwards.
  10. The intake is taller, but the elbow brings the throttle body back down to stock height so long as you don't run a phenolic spacer. I was able to get that intake to fit without a spacer by using the Trick Flow valve covers. I shaved a negligible amount of metal off the bottom of the upper plenum to get a little bit of clearance between the plenum and the valve cover. In retrospect, I'm not sure if it was even worth it. You can get a used set off of ebay for under $100, and they aren't that expensive new. If you are still running an EGR valve though, that will be a bit of a problem. You should be able to get it to work with a little bit of love though.

  11. Yes definitely getting another tune..
  12. Right now we have the lower on and set the upper in place with a spacer.... no egr... Had a small spacer on the cobra, it might work looks a little high but we will see... The intake is a little smaller then the Cobra and not close to hitting the tower brace. :) ....
    Going hunting this morning then back at it tonight or tomorrow!!
  13. if you can run without a spacer try that it keeps the intake as short as possible and hlep with the upper rpms, what elbow did you get ?
  14. Bought the trickflow elbow.
    Without a spacer it hits the valve covers.... Ordered a .375 spacer, well just have to wait and see if the intake tube from the Vortech will fit it will be close. May have to have another one made... Was thinking about it anyway... the blowoff valve is welded to the Power pipe.

    Car now being pushed out of my son's garage... :( Waiting til Tuesday or Wed til the spacer comes in.
  15. I have two 3/8" spacers somewhere. The actual throttle body is designed to end up in the same location when the elbow is installed. I guess you didn't have a spacer on your Cobra, si this one will be .375 higher.

  16. Had a 1/2" spacer on the cobra.... Good to know about the spacers.... have one coming tuesday.
  17. It's alive........ Short story... after fussing for 4 or 5 hours tonight the car started first key turn!!!!



    Longer version
    Didn't think the tube from the Vortech to the T/B would fit... Since the blowoff is welded to the intake tube loosed that and played with the different twists and turns, took a leap of faith cut 1/2 inch off the discharge tube and in it went with quite a bit of sweat. My 2 sons managed to get it together while I watched. Not tickled with the way it lines up entirely. off to one side a little.... more decisions... get a new tube made or live with it. If I get another one made the blowoff won't be welded to the intake tube!!
    The car started great then they heard some noise from the engine (1st thought something fell in intake :( ) and we finally figured the one fuel rail wasn't full and temporally raised the fuel pressure (took vacuum line off) and now the knock noise is gone was pretty worried :)
    Still have a vacuum line to get a fitting for and a couple little things to do then make an appointment for a tune. :) A big thanks to my sons for the work... nothing like working on a car for some quality time..


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  18. Put the cats on also.. sounds quieter I think will have to road test that... Oil change, vacuum line and couple little things to do :D
  19. Glad it worked out. Now go get it tuned after the vacuum hoses are fixed.

    Question, what's the red line going into the housing of the Vortech elbow?
  20. Thats a Snow Meth nozzle