Want 35 more hp

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  1. Rick 91GT

    Ah, I didn't know it went in that location, interesting.
  2. Awesome, looks good man!

    I miss that intake :(
  3. Yep it added 25 more horseys to my setup. Cools the air and adds fuel.
  4. you need to crank the timing up and shoot more meth...you can add 80-100hp
  5. Thanks
    I'll talk to the to the tuner when I go... Last time there we got to the meth after the car was tuned made 2 pulls with meth and the power went out after the run. It was safe so I settled for the 25 and left. Realize there could be more there so we will see!!
  6. 1262s-2

    Found this gasket no cutting..

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  7. looking a lot better with that intake on there Steve. can't wait to see the numbers!
  8. So the 1262S-2 is the one that doesn't require any cutting? I didn't know Felpro made a gasket like that.

  9. Actually it an 1262s-3 Made a mistake... sorry IMAG0052.jpg

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  10. Fixed vacuum problem... still need a better fitting but I am looking. Changed oil, tightened bolts after heat cycle yesterday and a couple other little things.

    Working toward the wheels I bought, not sure I will like them.. will need new studs to look nice but may make due with the long ones in there til I am sure, will put them on and drive it a little..


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  11. i already know that i would NOT like them.

    but that's just me though.

    great to see that you are making such great progress. i've been spending alot of time in the garage, but nothing on the cars. been painting the workbench and trying to improve the storage and organization, but having a hard time deciding.
  12. i think they will look better once on the car.
  13. Prostar's are the way too go. That would be my choice over those black ones.
  14. that looks great how does it run ?
  15. Haven't had it out of garage yet!! Sounds good though...

    Want a tune before enjoying it :cool:
  16. I've had the prostars 7 or 8 years.... ready for a change...
  17. Putting them on... trying them out... Moved the lower control arm down, it had the 4x4 look!! Snowing here, might dry enough tomorrow to bring it home. :)


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  18. Oh Wow!!!
    Opinions....Don't like the all black in fronts, see them in the daylight is something else.... maybe if the fronts were deep dish with a silver rim.... Makes the front tire look huge... actually the same diameter!! Darn dirty car... washed it after the shot !!:rlaugh:



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  19. I definately like that wheel style, but you're right, having a silver rim on the back and not the front looks out of place.

  20. Maybe polish the lip of the front wheel or paint the rear lip black. Then it will match better. I like the ProStars better.