Want 35 more hp

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  1. Now that I look at those pics again. Maybe sandblast the black off those rims. Either have them polished or powder coat them a lighter color. The black just doesn't do your car justice. It's too nice for dark colored rims. The Pro Stars look bad ass for the track. I know you want some street rims but black isn't your cars color in my opinion.
  2. he does have black stripes on the car too just doesn't show in that pic. i don't like black rims but if you put dished rims on the front to match the rears i think it will tie it all together.

    how did it drive with the low profiles? i imagine its quite a change from the massive meats you had before!
  3. Hi
    Bring back an old post ...

    Hate it when people start and don't finish with the answer :( So just ignore this and let it die back into the past with an answer,....... was looking for the number on the intake gasket 1262s-3 and realized I left this hanging without dyno #..
    Made it to dyno feb. 13th 2012 made 623 rwhp..
    see thread http://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/threads/dyno-feb-13th-2012.852421/
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