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  1. Good to know someone has gotten it to work; thanks for the info.. so now all I have to do is get the money, which won't be until after college.. also I have to wait on my V6 to die. Hmm.. waiting for a Ford engine to die.. this might be a very long wait! :D
  2. To Cobra 232

    Remember 99+ models came with split port induction so they had 190hp at the crank and 220Tq so with intake and Full exhaust 220 seems more than reasonable at the crank for his car. An SRT-4 couldnt pull on you because you were supercharged and your hp to the wheels is higher and your torque is much higher because if you read is post he says he hung with him in 4th and once in 5th is when the SRT-4 was gone. 94-98 came with single port induction which is why our HP is a bit lower. Upgrading to split port can be done seeing as its an over the counter stock part that you could easily go to ford and pick up. so yea case and point Cobra232 his numbers are correct.

    94-98 Single Port 3.8l - 150 Crank HP 215 Tq
    99+ Split Port 3.8l - 190 Crank HP 220 Tq

    Split port upgrade definatly worth it (In my opinion). :flag:
  3. Glad I could help. The magic is to find a wrecked V8 :nice: Trust me they are all over the place, and your swap will be a breeze
  4. i am fully aware of the fact he has a splitport.

    his mods will not add 30 crank hp. maybe 10rwhp tops

    most splitports dyno around 165rwhp stock and about 175-190rwhp with full boltons with longtubes being in the 190rwhp range. where is the extra 30rwhp he claims coming from?

    i have built a few splitports for friends of mine and even with a 207 cam 1.8rollers and full boltons and those engines only dyno'd 215rwhp and 225ftlbs.

    220rwhp and 240 ftlbs is impossible from intake and exhaust and there is no factory freak out there that will do it either with full bolt ons

    unless he is claiming crank HP at 220 but still that is alittle high but not too far off.

    if it is crank hp then my bad. but if it is then how did he measure it?
  5. Once you go 8, you never go straight :nice:

    Wait???? :scratch:
  6. Might wanna edit that one. :)

    Go for the Kewbra or GT if thats what you want. But don't do it because you got beat by a SRT-4; unless you need that little fact to spend the extra cash on it (then go for it)

  7. get the GT, you'll be 10x happier.

    Trust me, I used to own a 98 V6....(cough) auto
  8. LOL, That's not right :nonono:
  9. Thats what i had said, lol :D

    And thats what he said, he never said that was at the wheels but at the crank he said 202 at the wheels. :D

    :D <--- these are so people dont think im being rude :D Because im not :D
  10. so a v6 with a fully worked motor and a SC only puts down about 250hp? :scratch: or is that before the SC? I've been toying with the idea of buying another mustang, 99 or newer, come spring time, possibly buying a v6 and putting the money I save back into the car... but as i've been lurking on the v6 board here, I might change my mind and just get a GT.

  11. Thanks GTA, appreciate it.

    '94-'98 hp is ghey. Ford screwed the V6 in hp that year. Cobra 232, I don't just have intake and exhaust... don't know where you got that from? 220rwhp... I doubt that I could run high 13's with that power... I might be wrong but I don't think I could pull high 13's, maybe low 14's. I've got a bunch of modds, just ask Zinc, Andy or coldstaindtears, they'll tell you. I've got ported intake manifolds (upper/lower), ported 70mm t-body, short tube headers, O/R h-pipe, catback exhaust, 80mm MAF, K&N FIPK, crank pulley, water pump pulley, 1.80 r'rs, diablo predator, re-ground stock cam(barely above stock lobes), ported exhaust ports to match headers, stud girdle (doesn't add hp, but keeps it maintained)... and that's keeping the list short, i've got a few other little odds and ends modds but those are the serious ones. I get my new exhaust in hopefully by the end of this week and then i'm gettin it dynoed before I go to the Ford FL V6 challenge. i only kept with him in traffic and once we hit open lanes he pulled hard. You were only make 226rwhp cause you only have like 130rwhp stock so almost 100rwhp form a supercharger and other modds seems about right. After Sept tember 17th i'll have a bunch of numbers for you guys. I'll post up my times and hp from the V6 challenge. Go to www.v6fordchallenge.com to check it out, go to attendance list and I should be the last one on the Florida list, Jonathan.
  12. Yup, In worked defense, he does have a bunch of mods. Actually, they're somewhere listed on the V6 Forums are dead page. I tried looking for it but my head started to hurt from all the crap that's on there. When worked listed his mods, he had them numbered and shyt. It went into the hundreds(is that right :scratch: )
  13. I have a 1994 5.0 - basically a long block minus the oil pan and pump.

    I would include the upper and lower intake, stock throttle-body, air intake and box. I want to get it out of my garage for any decend offer. I live in MD. The engine ran just fine with only a hint of tap on startup that went away quickly.

    If I were any of you and had the time, I would put it on an engine stand and build it up or freshen it up. It also has one brand new re-manufactured e7 head that i would include along with the pair of e7's that were originally on the engine. One of the rocker arm bolts snapped off in the NEW head and needs some care to get out. The company that built my engine sent me a new one out so I wouldn't have to fool with it after I barked at them...pm me.
  14. sorry in your other posts it seemed like you just had ex and cai

    how are you measuring your HP at the crank or ground and how was it taken?

    220rwhp is enough for high 13's with the right suspension setup and gears.

    anyways didn't mean to knock you but if you are puttin 220 to the ground then why stop there.

    my 99GT vert puts down less power than that stock at about 215rwhp. now that thing is a real pig and barely able to get in the mid 14's on a perfect day.

    it is still a nice cruiser though. that's why i bought it for my wife

  15. I'll think about it. How many miles are on it?

  16. I measured it with a dyno, but when I get my new exhaust in and H- pipe i'll get it dynoed agin and i'll also post the imes I get when I got to Gainsvill on the 17th, as far as suspension i've only got springs, shocks/struts, subframe connectors & urethan bushings in the front. Gears i've got 4.10s
  17. 146k. It ran just fine though. I would clean it up and build it though. I'd let the whole thing go for $250 as is (including the upper and lower intake AND tb AND xtra rebuilt (new) E7 head)...and factory headers.
  18. Send me a PM when you have a chance with a list of everything it's got. Just because you aren't alowed to sell anything in the Forums and I don't want this thread to get locked
  19. Ernad,

    you mean't 'never go straight inline 6' didn't ya! :D

    worked v6,

    don't get rid of your V6 just b/c of 1 incident. I agree with the others, if you can, keep your V6 and buy another stang with a V8. Gas prices are keeping me from my V8 as of now.

    from what i've read an SRT 4 has a 2.4L Turbo and around 248hp. That driver could also have had mods. Why not just S/C your 3.8L?? I've read somewhere, not sure if this is all true however, but a S/C is suppose to give back atleast 50% of your engine's HP (depending on your setup). so if your putting out 220hp then you should be getting back a total of 330hp, not to mention your other bolt ons. someone check me on this :shrug:

    IMO theres not much "honor and glory" (i know I sound like a Klingon at this point) in using a V8 to "shame" a 2.4L! Nevertheless, if you do go the V8 route build it to SHAME THEM ALL!!! :flag: :nice: