Want an 88 TC for my 'Stang, found an 87. Any difference?

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  1. I've been searching for an '88 TC, inorder to swap the drivetrain and anything else I can into my '89 LX convertible. I just located an '87 TC, 5-speed, complete and in running condition for $500. My question, is there any difference between an '87 & '88? Are they both LA3's? Are the computers programmed exactly the same? Same factory HP rating? Same turbos? Same VAM's? :shrug: In other words, are the drivetrains EXACTLY the same, and should I settle for the '87?
    Thanks Stanger's
  2. Nope.... 87 and 88 were the EXACT same thing.... I'm using the 87 for my 96 ranger swap
  3. Actually the only major difference between the 87s and 88s, engine-wise, is the alternators. The 87s had external fans while the 88s had internal...

  4. Just the computers but nothing worth fussing over.
  5. Crovax,
    Do you know what the difference is with the computers? I just want the best fuel curve, timing, etc.
  6. it depends on what computer is in the car, it goes like this for 5speeds...
    87 TC 5sp --- LA and LA2
    88 TC 5sp --- LA3

    I was told the differnce between the La2 and the la3 is the la3 is tuneable with an aftermarket Tweecer/EEC tuner. So it doesnt really matter unless u are looking to do some major tweaking.
  7. I was told the LA3 had a faster processor, not noticeable, but just the thought of knowing it's there... I'm running an LA3 and big vam with K&N and flowed browntops, Intercooled T3, through gutted intakes, ported head, roller cam, and out through a bob log turbo header, down 3" downpipe, to straight pipe, dual outs in the back.... Should make some nice power
  8. nice, thats gonna be pretty much my setup minus the logheader...ill be running a ported e6 until i come up with either the $$$ for a header or an brilliant idea on how to make my own ;O) oh yeah ill be running oversized valves aswell....what kind of intercooler do u have setup?
  9. Thanks for the info, everyone! I bought the '87 TC. Can't wait to start the swap!