Want new polish for new car. Zaino?

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  1. Havent been here in a while. Everything looks different!

    I just traded my truck in for a new Mazda 3. Dont worry, Im not going to rice it.

    I have some questions about polishing waxing a brand new car.

    Since it is brand new, I doubt it needs much in the way of polishing. I want a very mild cleaner to put on before a hard wax. In the past, I have used Newfinish 2001 polish in the green bottle since it is very mild and gives a very soft feel. But I want something better. Ive heard from my co-workers that this Zaino stuff is the BEST ever. So should I polish first with one of those? If so which one? There are a few different polishes.

    Now for a wax. I know I want to put a good coat of wax on the new car. Over the years on this forum I always thought that the consensus was that Meguires #26 was the best final wax to be had. So Ive used that. Has that changed? Is there a Zaino wax that we all feel is better or something else? Is the Einszett 1Z Glanz Wax better?

    Im thinking of using the Zaino polish and then either the Einszett or Meguires wax to finish off.
  2. Wow. Apparently not alot of users on the shine forum these days either!
  3. If you use Zaino, you don't need anything else. Believe me, it lasts longer than anything else out there. Check out their website at zainobros.com.

    Good luck!!:)
  4. I've had good luck with Poorboys World products. I use their professional polish. After that it use their EX-P sealant and then top it with Natty's. The shine is amazing. I think it is just as good as Zaino. Very user friendly. www.poorboysworld.com
  5. If you want something simple and very easy to use, try Mothers Reflections Car Wax and follow with their Top Coat -- it goes on easy and comes off easy and the results are phenomenal.

    And even though it's new, I'd consider claying it first -- and at least dress the trim before using any wax.

    Again, if you want easy and great results without a lot of expense, there's lost of options out there.
  6. BTW these products are going fast due to the prices, he had to reajust mine twice becuase people are buying them up fast and he's running out.
  7. Thanks all.

    The Zaino is too hard to get for me right now.

    I still had some Meguires #26 left so I bought the Meguires #7 polish. I used the #7 on the whole car and then went around with the #26. It took forever but it looks really good. I think I did about the best job I could for having done it by hand. The only imperfections are some tiny, tiny, intermmitent, hairline streaks or swirls that might have been from the edges of the pad I used to apply the polish. You can only see it under an extremely bright highlight if you get right down next to the car.

    In the future, Ill probably get some better stuff and Ill get one of the Porter Cable buffer/polishers.
  8. Has anyone tried of heard of Dri Wash n Guard waterless car wash ?

    Has anyone ever heard of, or have tried a product called Dri wash n Guard ?? It's made by www.dwginternational.com.. and is similar, to Poorboys spray and wipe, waterless wash.. Anyway, I've used it on my cars for over 10 years now..And it's not a wax, but a protective glaze, that cleans and polishes in one step..What I like about it is, it leaves no wax build up, and is really easy to apply, and remove..plus it also works on glass, rubber moldings and trim..It works best, on moderately dusty vehicles and will remove light scratches and swril marks..However, I would recommend you still wash you're vehicle, if there's mud, bugs or road grime.. Also, your car has to be completely dry, before using this product..Anyway, if anyone is interested in checking out their products..Take a look at the website, that I've listed..You just may want to try it out, for yourself...:nice:
  9. Sounds like you work for them...
  10. Just because, I happen to like their product, and have been a satisfied customer for over 10 years..Doesn't mean, that I work for them..Therefore, just because you happen to like poorboy's products.. does that automatically give me the right, to accuse you of working for them ?? First of all, I'm not a sales person and would never be a very successful one, for that matter..Bottom line is this, I simply asked if anyone has heard of..or has used Dri wash n guard ??..does that sound like, someone who works for them ?? and if I did work for them..Don't you think, you would need some kind of referral code or name ?? In fact..did I ever mention a single word, about personally referring anyone, to their website ?? Look, I just came into this thread, to share my experiences and opinions, about the car care products I've used, nothing more..And, if your looking for an alternative, to Zaino or any other car care products..check out the website, and if you see anything about the product, that interests you or happen to like..Then fine..and if not..that's ok, as well.. Either way, I don't make a single dime, from anybody.. whether you choose to purchase any of their products, or if you don't..:shrug:
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  13. Hey Mazda 3's are great! I bought the first one in my area when they released them. Was very cool, but I ended up trading for a Mustang a year later -- nothing wrong with the Mazda, just wanted more torque.

    As for polish/wax, I'm completely sold on Klasse All-in-one, followed by a coat or two of pure carnuba wax. (I like P21S Carnuba) Shine and depth like nothing I've ever seen! Next year, add a claybar into the process twice a year. If you want to go all out, get Klasse Sealant/Glaze for between the All-in-One and Carnuba.

    Remember that there is no "one best" product -- different products will look better/worse on different finishes and colors.

    More info than you can shake a stick at: http://autopia.org/forum/
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    No offense, just my .02 cents.
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    No offense, just my .02 cents.
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