Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. Nice work, fuel pump bracket looks good!
  2. <<<Buys out an estate sale from a dead, country, hoarder and has the dump truck deliver to Race's garage. :nice:
  3. Uhh,....lets guess on the "special piece of garage equipment" shall we?

    I'll bet it has 4 legs.
  4. You are just sooo funny noobz,...:cool:
  5. I
    I bet it is bigger than a bread box
  6. No, I already have a dog.
  7. I'll bet it makes a whirring noise, and picks things up, and puts them back down.
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  8. This guy probably makes whirring noises, but he only has 2 legs :shrug:
  9. im guessing a metal shear. just throwing it out there cause i want one to make skid plates for all my off road toys.
  10. Stop playing, aren't fooling anybody. MON. E. BAGS.
  11. Well Mike, there is just no fooling you. I had to waste my tax return on something good. It was either a lift, or hookers and blow. The latter would have probably cost me more, so I went with the lift. Two post mid-rise lift to be exact.
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  12. Well, because I apparently like to dress up like a pretty girl now o_O ... I had to dress up my garage like one too. Cleaned, wiped, and painted everything. Looks much better now.

    I was able to safely roll the car outside to get it out of the way.



    All pretty now...



    I also installed two 3x8' racks above the garage door. They will mostly hold wheels/tires plus some storage bins.

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  13. Used what I had leftover of the G2 caliper paint to do the spindles. Came out pretty nice. I was originally going to have them powder coated gloss black, but I needed to use up what was left of that paint so silver it is! Color doesn't matter anyway. You can't see them behind those 13" Cobra rotors :)


    Hopefully the painter will call me later this week to let me know he's ready for the car...

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  14. Hey Scott -Your work usual is outstanding :nice: .....this car better be in 5.o magazine when it's completed -

    What's so special about this G2 caliper paint? - I have to paint my calipers and spindles one day soon - is it a heat issue? can't you just use an epoxy paint of some kind? Just wondering.......
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  15. I'm sorry... The G2 caliper paint is G14 classified. :ninja:
  16. Depsite the top secret classification (G18, actually), I can tell you this: The G2 paint is a two-part system (paint + reactor) and it has a 980* rating. It's super durable from what I can tell and has a nice, glossy finish to it when it dries. It's not as cheap as a can of hi-temp caliper paint, but the little can it comes in goes a VERY long way. Takes 3-4 coats to completely cover whatever you're painting. A can will easily coat 4 calipers and brackets with some left over. I got mine on Amazon. If you get it, ditch the brush it comes with and use something better. That was the only bad part of the kit. I would say their paint is the next best thing to completely tearing down the calipers and having them powder coated.
  17. G14 is good. G18 is better.

    That movie actually came to my mind when I read that. Now I need to go watch me some Rush Hour...
  18. Glad I can continue to contribute to your build thread. :spot:
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  19. Not going to lie, not seeing huge improvement in the garage with the was white before and is white again;) . I bet you are getting a hoist:) ! Well maybe not with that shelving:confused: .