Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. Man, that's good to know. Too bad I already bought all the black fittings. I already cut all the stainless hose anyway too when I mocked everything up with the colored fittings. Any oxidation issues with the bare stripped fittings?
  2. They're aluminum, arent they? That's a good question...
  3. Never had any trouble with them oxidizing, like anything else under the hood you just have to keep it clean..
  4. I'll have to keep that in mind for the next time I screw up and buy the wrong fittings.
  5. Nothing like some shiny black parts. I think I'm going to do my fuel rails gloss black too.




  6. So prettaaaaay!
  7. ^^ Nice work there!
  8. Painter (#2) called. Car will be on a rollback by lunch tomorrow. Finally...
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  9. Just incase you thought I was fibbing...






    I was a wreck when it was on its way up to the shop. I cringed at every bump praying that my little dolly was up to the task of holding together. She did her job though with no signs of failure. I'll be making sure all the caster bolts are tight for the ride back home.

    I'm not used to paying people to work on my car, so it's a little weird not having it in the garage. The painter is really excited about painting it, which I like. It's good to know that he will be putting as much pride into the car as I do. He said it's slow now, so him and his son will probably be able to devote full days to just working on my car.

    While the car is at paint for 2-3 weeks, I'm going to be getting some of the other parts ready for them. Next round of parts to send them will probably be the hatch, hood and fenders. Gotta strip them down to the metal.
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  10. Sweet man I remember doing this this past summer it was so weird not having the car to fiddle with or even look at
  11. Just because the car isn't here doesn't mean I can't get any work done. Played with some strippers tonight.


  12. Soon... Very soon is when the FUN STUFF begins! (rubs hands together)
  13. Dem some dirty strippers remember Scott no glove ... no love
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  14. It's go time when the car comes back from paint. I'm really excited to get it back so I can start making it look like a car again.
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  15. That's always the exciting part man watching everything go back in place feels like your really getting somewhere
  16. I bet you're driving it in 3-4 months man! Great progress, hell... I'm getting excited for you!
  17. Haha. Thanks man. The car should have wheels and a drivetrain in 3-4 months. Driving... I doubt it.
  18. Is it back from paint yet???

  19. How are your bumper cover looking? Have figured out how to safely strip paint off the plastic bumpers. You're probably buying new... LMK. I'm about to do my fenders also. Found a good straight pair at the JY, but layerd with paint that's not sticking.