Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. Usually soaking it with water will help wash it away
  2. The rustoleum stripper I used just called for water rinse. I wiped everything down with lacquer thinner and then a paint prep/cleaner before I sprayed it with self-etch primer (metal parts only).
  3. Finished up the etch coats on the hatch and fenders today.

    The hatch is pretty much straight except for a small ding on the driver side. It was showing the early signs of cancer in the typical spot where the spoiler mounts. I was able to grind it away with a flap disc though..


    I was very fortunate to find a set of nearly rust free, but 100% straight fenders off of a 92 GT on craigslist. No filler needed on these bad boys, except where I welded up the antenna holes. A tiny skim coat will be necessary there.

    I sprayed the inside of the fenders with satin chassis paint. I'm not going to have my painter spray the insides. Waste of his time and my $$.

  4. Man! I wish I lived next door to you!

    I wondered why you sent the car out without the fenders and lid. Are you going to take that stuff over to the painter later?

    Was the Etching Primer you used a 2part system?

    You've inspired me to give my fenders a go... I got a really good set too, but one of them I don't think is OEM. I didn't see any Ford marks inside it. It's pretty solid though

    I will also spray the insides of my fenders like I did my engine bay but not so shinny since it won't show. Afterall, I t wont hurt and I don't plan to be back in there for a longggggg time.
  5. I won't be sending him these parts for a little while until I get the doors ready to go as well. It worked out better for me to just get the body done now, and then the rest of the parts, followed by all the urethane stuff. I'm not getting the parts painted until I know I'm ready to put them back on. Helps me out financially too. I can spread out the cost of the paint over a few months. Luckily with black, it's not critical to get everything painted at once.

    The etch is just a spray bomb SEM paint. Only to prevent the bare parts from rusting while they wait. He'll be scuffing it all off anyway before he primes everything. 2 part is definitely the way to go though if you are able to do that.

    Make sure you test fit that aftermarket fender before you paint it. Best to be sure it lines up properly!
  6. [obligatory useless post]


    Damn... You got that glass clean as fuk!

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  7. So how long til you get the car back? 2-3 weeks or so?
  8. Probably no more than 2 weeks at this point. It's already primed. They will be blocking this week.

    Noobz347, I knew you would appreciate all the elbow grease I put into that glass!
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  9. Why don't the have ALL of the car? what'dya gonna do about the hood, doors, fenders, and bumpers?

    Nevermind.....I just read up some earlier stuff and answered my own question. I'll rephrase:

    I think you're crazy not having them do the hood, doors, fenders, and bumpers now..... I know you think black is black, but what if Jeeves,........what if?
  10. I'm leaving them unpainted... Rat rod style.
  11. Liar :shutup:
  12. The painter didn't express any concern with doing the panels at a later time. He's done jobs like that before without any issues. It makes my life a lot easier to paint things in sections. Don't have to worry about storing and possibly damaging parts. I'll get them painted and then they are going right on the car when I am ready for them.
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  13. This is how I did my car waited til the absolute last minute before handing the panels over to him to get painted
  14. RacEoHolic330 That is probably the cleanest looking hatch (rust free) i've ever seen. Nice lawn too BTW...
  15. Haha. Thanks man. I try to keep the lawn looking decent. The dog loves how soft it is. I think she would prefer to just sleep outside sometimes.
  16. Okay, so I'm an idiot. Not a complete idiot, but still an idiot...

    I decided to unbox my Cobra side skirts just to get an idea of how much scuffing I need to do on them. I also decided to just test fit the fender extensions on my nice, fresh fenders. Guess what...they don't fit! I made the HUGE mistake of not verifying the fender opening size when I bought them. I took the guy's word for it that they were off a 92 GT. Not true. These fenders are off an 87-90. They may have been on his 92 GT but they are sure not original. Needless to say, I'm effin p issed...mostly at myself. I just measured the front extension length and they are 8.75" and not the 7.5" they need to be.

    I immediately went on a Craigslist hunt. Found a set somewhat local that should be the correct ones. I'm going there tomorrow to pick them up. I'll be sure to verify the fender opening this time.


    I would be a complete idiot if I had these painted and mounted on the car. Luckily I caught myself from being that stupid. Chalk one up to learning the hard way. Anyone need a set of mint 87-90 fenders that are ready for paint? :rolleyes:
  17. Paint update pictures. She's all primed and blocked out. The painter said it blocked out well enough that it probably won't have to go in the booth again for another round of primer. He may spot prime and re-block some areas if necessary.






    He will be spraying color sometime next week. I may have the car back by the weekend :)
  18. Having grown up around a body shop, I find it baffling that the first round went so well. Should turn out very nice. I missed it, are you still doing single stage?
  19. These guys are very good in my opinion. Extremely meticulous and detail oriented. They even blocked out the taillight panel because he said 'you may be at a show and want to take your license plate off, its gotta look good back there too.' He blocked the hell out of the door sills as well. The factory stamping is apparently relatively wavy.

    As far as the finish goes, it will have base and it will have clear. Whether they are sprayed separately or mixed together is something you will just have to wait and see. I may just leave it the blocked out primer look. That will go well with the rat-rod inspired bare metal doors and fenders.
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