Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. I'd bet metric crap-tons of money you're NEVER gonna do that.
  2. Yeaaa, you'd win that bet
  3. That depends on what day you ask. Today,........base/clear,.......yesterday,.......SS,......tommorrow,......:shrug:
  4. tomorrow...rustoleum.
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  5. I was gonna say truck bed liner :shrug:
  6. That's an awesome idea. The underside of my car does look great :chin

    The jeep guys would love me...

  7. Wonder how much weight that adds hmmm
  8. What are you doing for an antenna if you closed off the mount holes in the fender?
  9. I hardly listen to radio. An SD card full of my music is all I'll need. That and bluetooth streaming through my phone will get me by.
  10. Or go with a sleek XM hook up. I've been thinking about shaving my antenna also, as I never listen to regular radio. I have the tiny little xm antenna magnet on my roof in the middle between the hatch and roof.
  11. Car finally has paint in it. Looks damn good too, even before the cut and buff.






    I impressed myself with how well the body work in the engine bay turned out. They only scuffed it. No pinholes or imperfections to be found.




    The paint has some peel, but really not a whole lot. They said it will be completely gone and I won't be able to tell if I'm looking into the car or into a mirror when it's all done. Next pictures should be next week sometime when it's fully buffed out and back in my garage.
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  12. nice, it's the first and last time it will truly look CLEAN... ;)

    <-----Hates keeping black cars clean
  13. Ok so the question of the day or bc/cc?:scratch:
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  14. To answer your question...yes. Lol

    It is technically single stage. Three coats where applied. The first coat is straight color, the second coat is a 50/50 mix of color and clear, the third coat is mostly clear and is sprayed on wet. The clear is identical to any two stage clear, so durability and UV protection is the same.

    I went back and fourth a lot on the type of paint. I talked to other people, and did a ton of research online. The consensus seems to be that you cannot beat black single stage in terms of depth and color when applied using this method. The key is a painter that knows how to properly work with and spray the stuff. It has to go on even and wet to get that perfect glass look.

    What really sold me was when the painter showed me a door from a VW Bug that he did in SS black. It wasn't even buffed out yet and looked absolutely amazing. That was all it took for me to let him go ahead and spray the single stage. He said there is no way I won't be happy with how the car looks when it's all said and done. So far I'm happy even without the sanding and buffing, but it's only going to get better from here. I know the single stage haters are gonna hate, but hold your judgment until I get the car into some natural light and get the camera on a tripod to take some good pictures. I think you'll be as pleasantly surprised as I was.
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  15. True story. I think the saying goes something like: "Black isn't a color, it's a full-time job."
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  16. Tell me about it...Haha
  17. Single stage repaint around a year really small stang.jpg ago, trying to to keep it somewhat original. I was not disappointed.
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  18. Looks good man!
  19. If I was going to paint my car black I think I would go that route. But whenever I get around to painting my car I want to paint it the dark blue that comes on the new mustangs. Sorry I don't know the name of that blue.
  20. Kona Blue?

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