Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. Thanks bird_dog0347
  2. Probably one of my more exciting purchases for the car. Brand new Carlite quarter windows. Scored on ebay for a cool $250 :D. I'm a real stickler for nice quarter windows, moldings, trim, it's awesome to be able to get a set of these. No way was I going to pay LRS $600 for the same thing.




    These will be going in as soon as the car comes back. Ordered the 1/4" butyl tape to seal everything up.
  3. I used tape as well as super black rtv
  4. It's funny you mention that, because I was thinking about using rtv or some kind of sealer around the mounting holes.
  5. Yeah I went butyl tape and rtv all the way around rather be safe then sorry and have to rip out my whole interior all over again for a leaky window
  6. 3M window weld FTW. put it in a caulking gun and go to town.
  7. Looks awesome Scott - Wow that paint work came out sick - Nice going - having owned more black cars than I care to remember - I know how a nice clean black car looks when brand new - nothing beats it - :nice:
  8. Thanks man. I can't wait to see it this week all buffed out and in the sun. Should look damn sexy.

    I've been working on the doors this weekend. Removing the window motors, lock actuators, glass, moldings, trim, etc. These things are miserably heavy all loaded up, but when everything is taken out, they are actually manageable to move around. Removing the hinge pins was a simple task, but I'm having a heck of a time removing the rollers. Probably gonna have to break out the torch and heat things up a bit.
  9. I need an opinion from the masses here. On a black car, what does everyone think about body color mirrors and cowl grill? I'll need to eventually figure out if I want my painter to paint those parts for me or not. I do have a can of SEM exterior trim paint from LRS that I could use to spray those parts instead. I'm spraying the windshield and hatch moldings with that stuff anyway.

    I personally like trim color on the mirrors and cowl on non-black cars, but I'm not sure how I feel about black body color mirrors and grill on a black car :shrug:
  10. Go trim color you need some contrast
  11. I actually went trim color, for some reason I wanted it to appear as close to original as possible, even painted the raised part of the bumpers in the original finish...but I'm not normal. That's what I'm told anyway Hahaha.
  12. stock trim color
  13. I prefer the stock trim color also
  14. Trim color it is then!

    I was able to get the doors and (correct) fenders stripped and sanded down with 80 grit this weekend. I still have to hit them again with 220 and then prime them. I'm so sick of sanding parts. Good thing I just have to finish up the spoiler and then I'm done prepping parts for paint...for now.


    I also satisfied my OCD and mounted my black fittings to all my braided hose. So pretty.
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  15. Meh.... I liked the red/blue better as your car is all black. Needs more color.
  16. I thought the same thing too, but the more engine bays I saw with black fittings, the more I liked them more and more. I feel like the color fittings stuck out too much.
  17. I didn't think I would like the black fittings but I think they'll actually look sweet
  18. So I shopped around today for some Carlite replacement front and rear glass. Wasn't as impossible to find as I thought it would be. The catch is the glass isn't cheap. Prices were all over the place. The best price I got was from a privately owned shop. $600 for front and rear Carlite glass installed at my house. I wouldn't call that a deal, but other shops, including safelite, wanted way more. It is what it is, but I definitely want Carlite glass in this car.
  19. Are you going to have it installed after you paint your hatch? I'd assume that price is good until you decide to do it since you weren't wanting to paint the hatch and other parts just yet???
  20. $600 aint bad I have Carlite glass in every window but my drivers door and i want to keep it that way if the wife and wallet will allow it.