Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. Yup, the glass is going in after the hatch is painted. I'm going to get the hatch and doors done right away as soon as I'm done prepping them. I'd prefer to get the interior all closed up as soon as possible.

    The glass shop doesn't have a problem waiting on me. I'm paying for the glass now so they can secure the set for me, and then I can schedule the install whenever I want. Apparently there is only one Carlite hatch window in the state right now :eek:
  2. Funny, I noticed how bad my windshield looks the other day.
  3. All the windshield quotes were in the $300 range installed. You can probably get one around that price. The rear glass is where the prices really varied. One place was as high as $500 for the rear glass alone.
  4. I need those fenders!!!! But>>>> they are too darn far away. DanG!! By the time they got to SoFla, they sure need to be redone from shipping dents...

    Right! Good thing you caught it now.... you'd be sick at the stomach if you were back from paint and tested them then.

    I am JEALOUS about your body work. It sounds like your paint guys aren't just in it for the money. I hope to find someone down here that feels the same when I go to paint.
  5. BTW, I'm still getting caught-up on your build... I was just up to the "Fender mistake", man now I see the paint and I an really impressed!

    OK, so what is "Carlite Glass"? because I'm sure I've gotta have some to put on my car... you know how that goes.... Maybe I don't want to know.... more money! to spend.
  6. Car lite is the original OEM glass that came from ford when it rolled off the showroom floor
  7. Thanks Mike.
    So it's safe to say if you can pull a good shield from a JY with Carlite glass it would be worth the effort. I wonder if the glass has some sort of markings to confirm.

    My 86 glass looks great, but I was thinking of just having a crystal clear new glass installed, but chances are it would be Carlite Glass. I guess I'll keep this set until I need new. Good info if I go to get New glass.
  8. It would say car lite I think don't quote me though and the bad thing about the front glass is its thin and a huge tendency to crack the corners which is how I busted mine
  9. Thanks for the comments 1200gt. The driver side lower corner of the windshield will say Carlite if it's original glass. Mike is right though, very thin and very difficult to remove even with a windshield removal tool. I put a huge crack down the middle of mine when I was removing it. My back glass came out in once piece though. I don't think its worth pulling one from a car in a JY if there is nothing wrong with yours. If yours is in good shape, I doubt most cars are going to have any less wiper scratches or tiny, pin-sized rock chips.
  10. Yeah my back glass was the same way that's funny though

  11. Funny you guys mention the cracking issue:

    I had a guy let me pick an 86 vert like a Vulture, clean! My son and I got down to the last part on the car, you guest it, the windshield. We had no removal tool, but the car was being scrapped the next day so we tried to paint - scraper remove method lol, but it just cracked right away! The glass was nice too, although I don't know if it was Carlite.

    I'll just stay with mine for now... mo - money to spend elsewhere anyway.:banana:
  12. RaceE, so how are you feeling about your build so far??? Are you tired yet? Just so much to figure out....

    OK, how much do you want for the car when you're done? :uzi: Me
  13. Tired? How can I be tired. The build didn't even start yet! ;)

    I'm ridiculously excited to start getting the car back together. It's going to be great to see it all start to take shape. I've been staring at a bare, unpainted shell and an engine on a stand for nearly 3 years.

    I will say that I wish I took more pictures of the car as I was taking everything apart, specifically the dash. I know there will be speed bumps getting bits and pieces of the car back together. I've never set bumpsteer before or aligned and IRS. I've never installed a hydroboost braking system, or a hydraulic clutch. A lot of the reassembly will be a learning process as a whole. Google and these forums will definitely be my friend when I get lost.

    The car will never be for sale, so you won't have to worry about wanting to buy it :p
  14. Agreed now the fun part begins. I told my wife we can weld the doors up and bury me in mind it's never going to be for sale

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  15. Yeah I was gonna say this about Scotts build. He has 44 pages of comments and the build has just begin to start this thing is gonna blow up when he starts doing stuff
  16. There's no way you haven't been by the paint shop in the last week, let's see how she looks, is it being cut/buffed right now?
  17. The car should actually be all done now, but I haven't been up there to check it out. I told him to just let me know when it's all finished up and I'll come up when they are ready to bring it back to me. The weather in the northeast sucks today, and probably will tomorrow as well. As soon as the weather breaks, I should have it back in my garage within the next few days. Good news is that my two-post is showing up today, so I hope to be able to work on the installation of that this weekend.
  18. Seems for Maryland its gonna be sunny tomorrow and sunday
  19. This thread is all the way back on page 6, it should be on the first page with fresh pics of a new bad ass paint job on a fox shell sitting in your garage... just sayin.
  20. I know I know. Painter had the car a lot longer than I thought he would. Give me a day or two to get some pictures up :)