Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. as long as the work is getting done correct and in a timely manner for you why should we care!
  2. Cant wait to see it put back all together im going to start my resto on mine in the next couple of weeks
  3. Good luck on your project bud. Welcome to the boards!

    So there has been some major painter drama that has been delaying the return of my car. It figures that nothing can ever go as planned. I'm not going to get into all the details, but to make a long story short one of my painters of the father/son duo doing my car left the shop due to some differences with the owner of the shop. The owner of the shop apparently became real prick and didn't want the son working on my car during normal hours. He wanted him to work on collision stuff, and could only buff my car out after hours. Complete BS. The car will be done and ready for me this weekend. He just has to hit the car with glaze and it's finished and I'll have it back in my garage.

    The father is at a new shop now not far from me. The owner is actually an old friend of his. They have a spare booth that they don't use very often so he is letting my painter use that booth for all the restoration projects he will be doing, including the rest of my car. I honestly don't care where the parts get painted. I just want them done with the same product and by the same people. This father/son team really are talented and do some amazing work, and I'm pumped to see what the final product looks like. It's just a shame the relationship with the other shop owner fell apart. As long as I have my car back, I'll be happy. It's been a long 8 weeks...
  4. Wow!!! Just when you think things are going smoothly some odd-ball crap like this happens. Well I hope this doesn't delay the rest of the pieces from getting done in a timely manor. Good luck. I've been having my fair share if snags with my project too.
  5. Thanks im a painter my self n I know how bs like that goes around at any body shop the owners just dint want the workers to make more then what there making it bs qwick question what r u doing as far as wiring and what standalone r u planning on running because im stuck on what to use
  6. I was wondering what happened, looking forward to the pics of it back in your garage... You get your lift all setup?
  7. Things were going extremely smooth. They did the body work, primer, blocking, and paint within a 2 week window...then nothing for weeks after that. Being that the other stuff is getting done at a different shop with a different owner, I'm hoping that will go smoother.

    I'm using Ron Francis kits for wiring. The engine and chassis will all be wired from scratch. I'm not running a standalone system. I'll be re-using the Anderson PMS piggy-back system from my previous setup.

    The lift is all done and functional. It's awesome. I hit some snags with the install due to needing different floor anchors, but it's working great now. I'm excited to get the Mustang on it!
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  8. It seems painter are always the biggest snag when it comes to a project
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  9. Believe it or not, the car is finally home sweet home in my garage as of tonight. Here's a cell phone picture for now (for proof!). Real pictures to come tomorrow.


    and another cell picture to give you teaser of how great the paint finish came out

    Let the reconstruction begin...
  10. hmmmm, looks like a dogs ass to me.

    Congrats man
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  11. Looks great the fun begins.

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  12. Prepare Scott to be bombarded by comments love the gloss finish they were able to do looks wet still
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  13. Looks realy good cant wait to see it done
  14. Here's quick pictures I took at lunch. Cloudy day out, but whatever. I honestly couldn't be happier with the finish. Smooth as glass...








    For those that are curious, the paint is PPG Concept acrylic urethane. 3 coats with progressively more clear worked into each coat. Wetsanded and buffed with 3 stages of 3M rubbing compound and then glazed over once after that. The engine bay was not rubbed out. I've got $2,500 in the paint so far. Definitely looking forward to the rest of the parts getting done soon!
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  15. Outstanding paint work. I see you wasted no time getting the IRS ready to bolt in there.
  16. The IRS is just sitting under the car to conserve some garage space for now. I didn't waste any time getting the quarter windows in though!



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  17. OK, I've been waiting for my turn to step up and shake your hand. Congrats,...that is a finish to be absolutely proud of. So, other words,....this is a single stage paint product?
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  18. Thanks Mike. It is indeed single stage.
  19. Flawless, looks like a black mirror.
  20. It really does. I couldn't be happier. He really worked some magic behind that rotary buffer. I was looking at my reflection in the quarter window and then looked down at the paint, and there is no different in the depth of the reflection. The engine bay does have some peel, as that was not buffed out, but 90% of that will be covered with fancy go-fast parts, so I'm not concerned.

    I did manage to get most of the rear brake lines in tonight. The orange-ish line is a really cool nickel copper alloy line. Super easy to bend and manipulate into any position I need it to be in. The silver lines are pre-fabbed sections from Napa. A 20" and 30" section did the job fine and saved me from having to make 4 flares.


    I think next up will be getting the IRS installed. I want to get that in to see the best way to route the fuel lines. I may have to drop it out to actually mount the lines, but it's not a big deal to do if necessary.