Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. Ive been under a rock for the past month, but I have to say the paint didn't disappoint as I know you wouldn't accept anything less than perfection. Great job and looking forward to seeing it come together!
  2. Thanks man. I'm excited to see it come together too. Can't wait to drop the drivetrain in and see how everything looks at home for the first time.
  3. Wow. Just finished reading the thread from page one. You have some serious talent. Can't wait to see the finished product! Don't let any one tell you your car is too heavy. When I start mine I am only going light weight when It doesn't effect comfort or functionality.
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  4. Extremely happy for you!!!

    Paint can often turn out to be a balloon-popper if it doesn't come back as dreamed of. That black is like looking thru a black mirror! - I'd have to bubble wrap that thing in parking lots!

    Also, Supper jealous about those lifts; I only have a one car garage that my friends say is stuffed like a 5 car slotter. I try to keep it neat though.... Would love to have a set of those. Life would be just a little easier when pulling my exhaust and rearend.....

    What are your plans for the care when you're all done, Show? Street? Track???
  5. Absolutely awesome. I love that paint!
  6. Thanks 1200. The ultimate plan for the car is just to be a fun, yet ridiculously over-powered street/show car. I plan on driving it and enjoying it as much as possible.

    Thanks man :)

    I just about finished up the brake lines today. I'm not going to do the final mounting for the fronts until I have the suspension in place. I also need to dig up the damn hard line to soft line mounting brackets. They are probably buried in a storage tub somewhere.






    The passenger side line is ran through the cowl. I'll be slipping some vacuum tubing over the lines in some areas for good measure just to be sure that there are no rubbing issues. Some of you may be wondering why I bothered installing a line lock on a car that will probably never be drag raced. Well, I like doing burnouts...and this car will be damn good at them.
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  7. Plus a line lock is fun. Nothing like sitting next to a car with a thrash can muffler and hitting the line lock and just let the car spin at 1500 rpm. They won't even try to take you off the line. And yes, I do not believe you will be having any problems with doing burnouts with your car. Just be sure to tape the fenders as not to ruin that beautiful paint job!
  8. Great progress,.....what part of the upcoming build are you NOT looking forward to?
  9. I think re-installing the dash and dash frame/pedal assembly is going to be the biggest PITA. Wiring the chassis isn't going to be an easy task either, but I don't mind wiring so that part won't bother me.

    I will also be setting the bumpsteer and caster/camber myself in the front and rear, which is something I have not done before. That will require some research to make sure I'm setting all that stuff up properly.
  10. WOW your paint job is absolutely beautiful! Hope mine comes out half as nice I'd be thrilled. Everything looks great. Can't wait to see the finished project. You going to do any more projects like this again after she's all finished? :)
  11. Get those at home alignment kits they had a set on truck u i think
  12. Thanks man. I would love to restore an early 50's f100. I've always loved that generation through 1956. A Coyote or 03 Cobra swap would be a cool thing to do in one of those to make it a reliable, fun truck to haul stuff around in. A project like that would be very far down the road. It's just a pipe dream right now.

    I'll check that out. I know MM sells some alignment tools. I think it's even possible to make your own.
  13. Got the fuel tank and pump/filters in. I'll need to drop the tank again as I forgot to pull the wires for the level sensor into the interior of the car. I also need make a brace for the pump bracket. The sheet metal that it's bolted to is not very thick, so it deflects a bit if I push on the pump.




    The other issue I have is the 60 degree fittings for the vent and return hardly clear the trunk floor. It's so tight that I can't unscrew the end of the fitting. I think 90 degree fittings would be too much angle and won't allow the lines to clear the tank. Is it possible to heat and 'persuade' the fittings a few more degrees without damaging them?
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  14. The 60 degree is tight I use them as well, I usually drop the tank a little and use a short wrench to get them on.

    You can tweek it a little but you have to be very careful or they will break.

    Looking good!

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  15. Thanks Rick. It's not like they are hitting the trunk floor, they are just extremely close. I have some strap padding attached to the floor above them for extra assurance. I'll probably just have to do what you do and have the tank down before I tighten down the lines. No big deal.
  16. wow great job thus far
  17. Race, It looks like you have the Proportioning Valve under the car. Most have it in the Bay. Looking at all the black, I can't quite orientate your location. Where exactly is it plumbed-in and why did you choose the location?

    Also, what can you speak to about your master cylinder set-up? I'm sure it's later model pieces, but I haven't done any research on these swaps. It just looks really clean in the engine bay.
    EDIT: I'm wondering if it's hydraulic.... I want to run a cam that's vac effecting, I wonder if this could be a solution to that problem....

    I have an order in to Classic Tubing for new S/S complete line kit to piece into my 86GT Brake Conversion. I'm wondering if I would find it worth my while to look at your setup. Right now I have plans to install a 93 Cobra Booster and Master C. that I bought from Autozone. They are remanf. pieces, but I didn't find any negatives on their use, from many who have gone this route.

    How many Gal. does that tank hold? Tank volume has always been a peeve of mine about the Stang; not enough range on a tank of gas. You'll probably suck-through a tank pretty fast anyway with your set-up.
  18. The rear prop valve is installed in front of the transmission crossmember mount, just before the floorpan meets the firewall. Because I was running all the brake lines from scratch, I had the luxury of putting it where I wanted. I felt that was a good spot for it to keep it out of sight, but also easy enough to get to if I ever need to adjust the rear brake bias. I'm more than likely going to set it once and then never touch it again, but I still wanted it to be accessible. The spot where most people put it, behind the passenger strut tower, is now occupied by my catch can. Besides, I didn't want any visible brake lines in the engine bay. I'm trying to hide as much as possible in the engine bay. The lack of an exhaust pipe on that side of the car allows me to put stuff there that I normally couldn't. My ignition coil may find itself in the same area.

    The master cylinder/booster setup is from Hydratech. It is a hydroboost unit. I really like the way hydroboosted brakes respond, so I decided to purchase the setup from Hydratech. They make a kit specifically for foxes. Comes with all the necessary lines to tap into the power steering pump. Getting rid of the vacuum booster makes a lot of space in that area of the engine bay. Looks pretty too.

    The BBRC tank is 14 gal. Not much less than the 15.4 stock tank. It can be taken down to empty too without the threat of starving the pump. I'll probably always keep the tank half full though. Gotta keep some weight over the rear tires ;)
  19. Some updates.

    I made a bracket to stabilize the fuel pump a little better. The mount is rock solid now. I also installed the PTFE line from the tank to the pump.

    Fuel filler neck installed.


    Mounted the catch can. I'm not sure it's going to clear the hood, but I can move it down a bit if need be.


    I yanked the engine off the stand with the intention of installing the flywheel, clutch, bellhousing, and transmission. I realized that I didn't have a pilot bearing, so I had to run out and get one. The flywheel installed fine, but when I went to grab my clutch alignment tool, I discovered that I bought a 10 spline unit. I failed to remember that my TKO-500 is upgraded with a 26 spline input shaft. I had no luck finding a local store with a 26 spline alignment tool, so I had to order one online. It won't be here until later next week. So, until then, everything will need to sit in the garage as is.




    That's what I get for losing the alignment tool when I bought the clutch years ago.
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  20. Ran the return line and installed the fuel pressure regulator.






    That was pretty much the best spot I could find for the regulator. Fuel can only flow through it in one direction, and the fitting on the right side is a special check valve fitting. I replaced the fitting in the left with a 90 degree one to make it fit in that space. Mounting it on the engine would have been nice, but I didn't feel comfortable doing that because there are electronics inside the regulator. We all know how well our TFI modules handle engine heat :rolleyes:.

    The feed line will be installed up the other side of the car. Being that there is no driver side header collector to worry about, I can bring the line right up the firewall where the collector usually would be.
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