Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. Wow Scott - in the blink of an eye - your "rocking and rolling" again - Love that paint brother .....awesome-ola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I know you don't plan on racing, but if you ever did hit the track just for fun, I don't think that FPR location is legal to pass tech.
    Isn't it 6" forward of the flywheel? I'm not sure of the rules in depth though.

    Also, the car looks amazing BTW
  3. Thanks guys.

    Ed, I did go back and forth about making the car race legal, but ultimately decided against it. For what this car can possibly run the 1/4 mile in, even my 8-point roll bar won't cut it. I still am keeping some track requirements such as a blowproof bellhousing and driveshaft loop, but those are things that are just smart to have anyway. I'll build a special purpose drag car one of these days.

    I got a little more done on the car. Installed the tank breather line today.


    The idea is that the long hose length will essentially eliminate any fuel vapor smell. Others have done it with success, so I figured I would do pretty much the same thing.


  4. really nice job on the car
  5. Awesome results on the paint job. I'd like all the people during the SS vs BC/CC debate that flamed SS paint jobs to come back and eat crow. PPG Concept about as good as it gets for SS paint and i'll be doing the same on my car when I finish prepping for paint. BC/CC is still the best but your car proves that SS, if done right, can be very beautiful with a great polished finish.

    Kudos to you :nice:
  6. Thanks :)

    I had my own reservations going SS, and even decided against it at one point. After seeing some examples online and one in person of a door they painted in SS black, I changed my mind. I definitely put a lot of faith in the painter that he was going to deliver on his promise that I would love the finish, and luckily he delivered beyond what I could have imagined was possible with SS. BC/CC takes less work to look nice out of the gun, but I truly don't think the finish on my car could possibly look any better. The paint has been cured for over 2 months, but it still looks wet to the touch. I'll be putting a coat of wax and glaze on it soon, so it will be interesting to how it looks after that.
  7. Given how bad ass your car already looks, and the OCD you've displayed in this thread. Before you do anything I recommend you watch the Drive Clean videos on YouTube and check out for paint cleaning/restoration/preservation type stuff. That way you're ahead of the curve.

    While my fox may never compare to yours, I did pick up an IRS for it last night! Keep up the good work man.
  8. Thanks bird dog. I've seen a few of the drive clean videos. I'll check out that other site too. I've been using Adams Polishes for a little while now, and their forums are very helpful. I'm definitely going to check out other resources as well. I want to do everything I can to keep this paint alive. Still have another 3 weeks or so before I can wax it.

    Good luck with your IRS install. Let me know if you need any info. I've only mocked mine up, but I know my way around them a little by now. I should actually be installing mine this weekend. All my plumbing is done, so it's ready to go in.
  9. dude i love going to this thread just to look at that paint makes me happy!! coming along great bro! this car will be epic when finished!
  10. I went back and re-read your mock up posts. I didn't see if you used 12 or 14mm mount bolts for the front cage mounts into the LCA front mounts? But you also said you have FTBR bushings so they might be different anyways.
  11. The bolts I'm using are 9/16" bolts from Full Tilt. They are larger than the OEM bolts. I had to drill out the LCA mounts to account for the larger bolts.
  12. Thanks man. The paint makes me very happy too. Looks even better in person. I've spent a good amount of time just sitting in the garage staring at it. :confused:
  13. Boom! IRS installed.


    I still have to set it all up for ride height, bumpsteer, camber, etc. That will happen later down the road. Nice to see it on the car though. The fuel lines are a little close to the control arms, so I'll need to simulate suspension travel and check the clearances to make sure nothing is rubbing. I'll also get the brakes all hooked up this weekend hopefully. The car is also terribly unbalanced now. So much to the point that it is nearly teetering on the lift. 3-4 bags of water softener salt on the lower radiator support will fix that.
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  14. Man i hate you scott your underside of your car looks beetter then my whole car lol but good to see your in full swing with this man cant wait to see your wiring segment and see uou get all frustrated lol
  15. Hah! That's the truth. I'm sure there will be lots of tool throwing during the wiring process. I'm actually looking forward to it though. The wiring...not the throwing of tools.
  16. I was gonna say if you wanna throw tools throw them my way
  17. just make sure to throw them away from that beautiful paint job
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  18. Lookin SICK, Scott! The paint job looks incredible, can't wait to see how the assembly turns out! Being an electrical engineer, I bet wiring this car is gonna be boner city for you, eh? Fresh wiring from scratch is so nice, I love that as well. Nothing better than making your own looms...its fixing other peoples janky :poo: that ruins wiring for me.

    Keep the pics rollin man!
  19. I'm going to paint in the near future and I haven't cut out the time to research the latest in paint products. Can you guys fill me in on the acronyms: BC/CC and SS? I know PPG is a paint company....


    BTW, what's a good recommendation for a paint product if you intend to keep the car forever?
  20. Ss is single stage which is what scott has bc cc is base coar clear coat which is what i have house of kolor is a great product its expensive but well worth it i have hok