Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. Boner city...hahah. That must be a technical term. But yea, fresh wiring is great. Nice, neat looms of brand new wiring ran exactly how I want does get me slightly hot and bothered.

    Got the soft lines installed today. I realized that I forgot to pick up M10x1.0 to 3/8-24 adapters. The hard lines on the Cobras are bubble flares, so the adapter is necessary. I don't know why Ford couldn't just use inverted flares like they did all over the rest of the car. I also had to modify the mounting bracket because of the way I ran my hard lines.



  2. Grabbed these today with my cell. Better with some daylight on everything. Notice the 160lbs of softener salt on the front end :)


  3. This whole thread is just automotive p0rn. Keep up the good work.
  4. Finished up mating the transmission to the engine tonight. Bellhousing indexed within specs. I had a hell of a time getting the transmission to seat properly. Apparently, despite using the clutch alignment tool, the clutch was off enough to not let the trans go in all the way. I had to use a threaded rod and two nuts to pull the shift fork in to release the clutch. As soon as I did that, everything slid into place.


    I'm planning on sliding this under the car and bolting it in on Friday. If all goes well, I can start putting all the turbo piping on this weekend.
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  5. Damn this coming together FAST! I'm a little jelous. j/k Your's is WAY more exciting than mine anyway! Keep up the awesomeness!
  6. Hah. It's like when a house gets built and is framed up in no time at all. Then once the siding and windows get done, in seems like nothing is happening for months afterwards. That's how this build will progress. All the big stuff going in the car now makes progress seem like it's flying by. Wait until I work on the car for 8 hours straight and all I have to show for it is working blinkers.
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  7. I look at your Fox. I look at mine. I cry:cry:
  8. LOL, this is where the boner jams happen though!
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  9. At least your car can move under its own power. There is nothing worse than not hearing the sound of your car's engine in over 3 years.
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  10. Scott, you make me want to go and burn my car after looking at what you are putting together. That is going to be one sick ride when you are done.
  11. Been there before, used to listen to videos of it on the dyno just to remind (torture) me.
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  12. I think burning a Mustang is as un-American as burning a flag. hah! I'm hoping it's going to be pretty sick as well.
  13. Scott could you do me a favor and oost some pics how yoy routed your spark plug wires i wanna clean mine up and your orientation looks good
  14. Sure Mike. Here you go. I think the wire separators are made by Taylor. I'd have to confirm that though. It was tough finding ones for 10.4mm wire.


    I did manage to get the engine and trans installed without any real issues. The lift made easy work of everything.





    Once the k-member was just about touching the frame rail, I hand tightened all the bolts and then used the cherry picker to lift the engine off the k-member.

    Then I had to align the k-member with the car. It wasn't terrible to do, but did take some time because I was checking all the measurements by myself. I got the k-member within 1/16 of square, so I was good to go!

    After that was all done, I dropped the engine back into the k-member and she is now in her final resting place.



    I mocked up the fuel rails and the breather lines so I can begin to figure out how I want to run my fuel lines. It's going to be tight, that's for sure. I need to replace the middle breather line fitting with a 90 degree one. That will free up some room for the heater hoses. The goal is to keep the fuel lines as inconspicuous as possible. We'll see how that goes!
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  15. Not trying to kill your party, but there's a spec of dust on your floor...

    Holy crap that looks amazing!

    I'd like to ask you a favor please. Stop making this look so easy... I got my IRS disassembled fully tonight to get the whole thing cleaned up and get bushings installed, but I spent a few hours just taking it all apart carefully (my version of your OCD) and getting it all set aside for re-assembly once I get my bushings. You make this crap look way easier than it is... please stop that crap.
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  16. It does look great. putting all of the pieces together is the reason I'm attracted to the hobby. (I know it's been said before,...I actually prefer the build stage) I do hafta say that after lookiing at mod motors the last couple of years,...a 5.0 sized engine looks tiny in that bay. Now I know that w/ the exhaust piping and turbo in place, all of the real estate will be used up eventually,....but now it's like:
  17. This thread is like my fantasy. i wish I had skills like this, I was I had a lift in my garage, I wish I had a beatiful car like this....ok, there's more but I'll stop there for now. AWESOME build, man! Oh yeah, and I second what bird_dog0347 said. Stop making this stuff look so easy!!
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  18. BS. That spec was probably just dust on the camera lens ;).

    My IRS took a TON of time to clean up, get blasted, clean some more, prep, paint, etc. Definitely not easy stuff. I was lucky that I bought it with the entire Full Tilt bushing kit installed. That is a real bear to do.

    It's great how compact the pushrod engines are. Makes it easy to stuff all this shiny turbo piping in the engine bay...


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