Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. Sure thing man. Let me know if you're ever in town.

    I didn't get much work done on the car this weekend, but the glass guy called me today to let me know he was in town. I was not ready for the rear glass, but he said it wasn't a problem to just get the windshield in. Looking more and more like a car one piece at a time!


    I need to strip the moldings and shoot them with trim paint before I re-install them. I plan to wax the car first before I do that though.
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  2. Dont you have to wait a few weeks before you wac a fresh painted car?
  3. 90 days according to my painter. The car was shot the first week in May, so I can go to town on it next week if I want.
  4. Go to town on her then i just fired mine up for the first time today then accidentally flooded the ****
  5. That's not good bud. Hopefully you didn't wash down the cylinder walls!

    Radiator and Taurus fan are in.



    I also bought this cool aluminum air deflector from a guy on Corral that was making a bunch of them. Had it powder coated gloss black. Looks better than the stock plastic piece, and will definitely help get air up the face of the radiator. Hopefully it doesn't get trashed on a speed bump or curb. I'll have to just wait and see I guess!


    Next up will be the coldside...

  6. Why wait 90 days? I'd say be a trend setter and wac the car tonight. What will you use? A hammer? or a 2x4?:rolleyes:

    The progress is of course b u tiful. I am foaming at the mouth, looks like I have rabies jealous. (Not so much for all of the cool junk your putting together,..........just that you are putting it together)

    I do prefer the "build" to the "done" phase.
  7. Wax not wac ... ******* haha
  8. Yeah hopefully i didnt i mean i cranked it and she started and spit and souttered then died then went to do it again and nothing did that two or three times about three seconds a piece i dont think i washed em though the plugs are out and cranked it without the pump on and she spit a few drops out but not a ton of gas so its drying now im getting a new cap and rotor because i kept intermittently losing spark but still had healthy spark from the coil
  9. Every time I read the updates to this thread I get super jealous, tell my wife we are moving to a house with a garage and I am going to rip mine apart and build it up right. In all seriousness though, I want to say that your build is inspirational to me, to see all the work and progress drives me to keep working on mine. Thanks for the motivation!
  10. Scott youll be happy to know my car is started finally!!! I ended up having that damn timing off my balancee has about four set of timing marks on it so i didnt kbow which to go to it was messing with me but i finally got the **** question now is my idle she was running good at 1000my rpms so i might being that wondering your thoughts
  11. I barely recognized you with that fancy new avatar of yours! I am definitely enjoying the building phase right now. No angry moments so far...they're coming though. I can smell them.

    Thanks man. I've always been inspired to tear into my car when I read other people's build threads. Glad I could be of some inspiration :)

    Good stuff. It's funny you mentioned that was your problem. I was just thinking about how I need to double check my TDC on my balancer. I have an adjustable timing pointer, so it has to be set manually.
  12. Yeah it was funky because at ome point i could get it to run fine but it was on any timing marks
  13. enginebay is looking fn great!! just like the rest of car...... more! btw that air dam u got off corral is a copy of the UPR one i have which sticks down further than stock. I took a half inch off cause it looked way too low for me im sure u will be as low if not lower than my car. So far everytime i did hit it on something i just bent it right back but not sure how long the powdercoat will last, but if i had your car i would of powdercoated it also.
  14. Killer progress as usual! Keep up the good work!
  15. Wow Scott - AWESOME Work as usual - :nice:
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  16. Every time I think I am ready to sell my fox, someone like you has to come along and start a killer build thread like this!


    It gives me ideas and makes me think "If he can do it....". On a serious note, what your doing is exactly the build I have thought about many times in my head. From the engine to the IRS to the paint it. It's going to be awesome when it's done.
  17. I'm guessing that since you haven't been posting on here, you must be driving it around without doors and fenders like a go cart? Any progress of late?
  18. No i know what hes gotta go through next wiring haha if hes out driving now ill be a monkeys uncle
  19. He's some sort of electrical tech head anyway,...wiring that car for him will be therapy.