Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. Yeah but he had the same kit i got but i said heck no with all that it entailed
  2. So then, did you wire the car (cause I thought you had it running),....and what is so bad about the kit. I also thought he had a Ron Francis kit. Supposed to be no harder/easier than a painless system.
  3. I used stock system and the only bad thing with francis kit is with using factory switches you had to wire them in with the francis kit like power windows locks dome lights etc.
  4. I done something like that, no fenders or hood, tearing around the neighborhood.
  5. Been quite busy lately, unfortunately not on car-related activities. There was a local music festival this week, so much time was spent there. I also had some plumbing issues that I had to tend to over the last weekend. Don't treat your garbage disposal like a garbage. Your plumbing will fight you, and win.

    Anyways, the maiden voyage probably will be without any kind of front end. Besides, turbo cars look badass with that intercooler hanging off the front like a snow plow


    The intercooler is somewhat temporarily mounted. When I eventually mount the front bumper support, I will have to use different bolts. It's a tight fit for everything, but it doesn't seem like I'll have any clearance issues to worry about.



    I also mounted the spindles, sway bar, steering rack, control arms, and bumpsteer kit. I'll adjust everything once the car is sitting on all fours.
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  6. I also put the car up in the air tonight and got some underside shots. It's starting to look like something under there now.




  7. Looks killer!!!!!!!!
  8. looks great man!
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  9. Wow, that's looks gorgeous. I need a lift.
  10. That looks sooo bad ass man. I can't wait to see the front suspension all bolted up and it sitting on 4 wheels.
  11. that car looks fn sick up on the lift!!! love those pics that dam glossy black and chrome is givin me wood!
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  12. :lol: Lol x 1,0000000 gawd I love black and chrome!
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  13. If the government ever banned ****, stangnet would be shut down do to your build thread alone. Pure **** buddy, pure ****. I hope to have my car parked in a few months, nothing like yours, just some new rings, bearings and giggle gas. But you got me motivated, just need a daily driver so I can tear into it. Beautiful car!
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  17. I'm back from vacation and egger to play with my toy again, but:


    I wouldn't even drive that thing on the street. It'd go straight to show status, period! Who cares how fast it is, it is just down-right awesome looking... I can't wait to see it finished, but will miss the sneak-peek views of the build process...
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  18. That's something else.
  19. can we say *******? or ass hole? fight the man!

    I'd be afraid to drive it anywhere with all the ass holes on the roads.