Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. My logic is that if Ford found it necessary to put in 10.9's instead of 8.8's, then it's probably a good idea to keep 10.9's there. I'm sure nothing will happen to 8.8's, but it's one of those sleep better at night kind of deals.

    Thanks Bentley. Nice of you to stop in to say hi :)
  2. Just read this thread from the begining. Absolutly stunning. That car is beautiful! Awesome job man! This thread alone makes me want a fox! I'm jealous of that car and garage!:hail2:
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  3. How did you get moved back to a progress thread???
  4. I guess it had something to do with the new forum layout and how everything got merged. This thread is now in talk, not tech. I don't really care much. It is a thread about my progress on the car I'm building. I didnt see 'build thread' listed as an option to choose. Blame Noobz!
  5. I know its blasphemy! Now im all lonely in the tech side

  6. If there's any blaming to do,.. blame the implementation of the "progress thread" on me.
    I think it was last year when I jumped this guy for posting a bunch of pics that he took of the work, and progress "his man" was doing/making for him.

    Anytime a shop is involved in the "build" pretty well negates the benefit to the community.
    An example of that for me is simple:

    Dude #1: I just made these subframe connectors, I made them outta 1x2 .125 wall mild steel....and now I'm gonna weld them in, are some pics:
    Dude #2 I just got my car back from the shop after they welded up the MM SF connectors for me, here are some pics:

    I can see how having to decide which thread to bounce from tech to talk can be a chore for the moderators,..
    And that problem compounds especially as they evolve like this one Scotts has,......for the first year(s) it was a build thread, w/ all kinds of cutting, welding, scraping, plumbing, painting, fabbing up body rollie carts and flippy over thingys.

    But now that he is posting pics of the nice shiny s hit that he is simply bolting on, it has become progress.:cool:

    Personally,..I prefer talk to tech for these type of threads. Leave tech to the guy trying to figure out why his EFI junk wont run.:banana:
  7. Hey now my efi junk works good its my trans im fighting now
  8. Lol Mike. All that ranting about people posting build threads about cars they didn't build themselves, and you just couldn't resist a chance to dog EFI again! So predictable!

    I said I was going to get some work done on the car this weekend, and I did!

    Front suspension and brakes are all installed. The car officially has rotors on all 4 corners now . I still need to get a set of brackets to mount the soft lines to the chassis. I seemed to have misplaced my original ones.


    MM C/C plates. Thanks to Rick for the idea to use slick tape under the mounts to protect the paint and make adjusting easier.

    Lower coolant hose is installed. It fit perfectly between the crossover and the sway bar.

    I also finished all of the fuel system plumbing as well as the AN heater hoses. Here is were the -10AN feed comes out of the driver side fender area.

    Under the brake booster is a y-block that splits the -10 feed into two -8 lines. The zip ties are temporary. I'll get some fancy separators eventually. The lines will just clear the steering shaft when it's installed.

    Each of the lines then go into the back of their respective rails.

    The return lines loop back around to the back. This was in an effort to not have lines strung all over the engine bay. It's a mess of AN lines in the back, but they are somewhat limited to only that area. You can also notice the AN heater lines. Those were a real PITA to make and get lined up so nothing is rubbing.




    Both return lines then come into another y-block with a -8 outlet into the regulator. I need to fabricate some kind of bracket to bold the y-block to the throttle body. It's just hanging there right now.


    And that's how she sits right now.

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  9. Woot woot an fittings i hate them lol
  10. Good call on the black fittings.
  11. I'm really glad I made the switch. The black ones kind of just fade into the paint and become invisible. The red/blue would have stolen the show.
  12. #1.0 And you would expect anything else from me,... given the opportunity to clarify things, while still stabbing EFI in the eye.

    #2.0 Now this is some amazing progress you're making on your build there,.. pal.
  13. Love the AN set up on the rad and valve cover vents, I need to do the same.
  14. is that a third line from the vent can to the pcv port? Ive read to plug off the pcv when running the vent lines like you did.
  15. is that a stock distributor?
  16. Madspeed, nothing wrong with plugging the PCV port on the lower. I wanted to utilize it because that is the best place to vent the crankcase. The lower intake port will do most of the venting, and the valve covers can take up the slack. Most just don't want to go through the hassle of having a bung welded to the lower intake. My setup is a bit of overkill. Two valve cover vents would probably still have gotten the job done fine.

    Dave, that is a stock distributor. It's dirty as sin right now, but it will clean up. IMO, nothing beats a stock dizzy and TFI module.
  17. Question Race:

    (no really, this is a serious one)

    What do you have planned to keep the road dirt off of all the sparkle shineys? You putting the wheel well liners and that sort of thing, back into the car?

    Oh, and I love the valve covers. Powder coat?
  18. The powdercoating on valvecovers and intake i was on the fence with i thought this sick build deserved something nicer, but seeing these latest pics im on board now!. Love & hate day coming soon the way this work of art looks almost gonna be a sin to put it out on the fuk that i wanna see this beast run!!!!!!
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  19. word!! on using stock dizzy & tfi i have had nothing but trouble with costly msd sheot (must soon die)
  20. The car will have fender liners for sure. Things will of course get dirty, but I'm gonna need something to do when the car is built and I all I can do is clean it! The underside of the car is pretty dirty from being in the paint shop. I still need to finish cleaning that up.

    The pictures do the powder coat no justice. It has a heavy metallic in it under the clear. Once the sun hits the parts, they sparkle like a disco ball. Should look really nice under the sun. I just didn't want the bling and maintenance of polished parts this time around.
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