Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. Finished up the hydroboost lines today. It was a bit of a pain to route the stainless lines. They are not swivel ends, so the fittings had to be exactly where I needed them before I tightened them down. Everything came out okay though. I can bleed the brakes out once I get the pedal box installed in the car.




    I also finished up the exhaust. Everything bolted up surprisingly well. The downpipe is really close to the bellhousing and lower k-member mount, REALLY close. I was shaking the exhaust around a bit, and nothing was hitting, so I should be okay. The heat wrap should help as well hopefully.






    Nothing looks better than those IRS pipes coming out the back of the car! I didn't buy the exhaust tips yet. I need to mock up the rear bumper and mount some hangers for the tips. Probably going Magnaflow 3" polished stainless with the slanted cut.
  2. I believe i have a set of 3 inch tips scott
  3. O rly? Let me know what length they are. I won't know what size I need until I mock up the rear bumper.
  4. Yeah ill see the length
  5. Looking good dude !

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  6. Scott - looks awesome as usual .....great work !
  7. JEALOUS.......

    Just saying :nice:

    Top notch build thread!
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  9. Perfect Dream car. That's all I have to say. Except great job!
  10. Thanks a lot guys. The underside of the car is basically done, except for the exhaust tips. I'm going to send the pedal box parts and driveshaft loop off to the powder coater later in the week. I'd like to work on getting the dash frame and steering components installed. I want to be able to bleed the brakes and start getting the suspension all set up. I'm probably going to have to make a checklist of all the things I want to get done before I start, yes... wait for it.... wiring. Everything seems to be coming together relatively quick. I got the car back from paint 3 months ago, so I'd consider that pretty good progress! Things are definitely going to slow down as I get into the more tedious work. That's when the problems should start to surface. I'll have all winter to wire the car, so I'll be in no rush to get it done. It will be therapy for me :crazy:
  11. The wizard has spoken. Jack Hidley from MM being that wizard. He got back to me about the suspension loosening up at full droop. Bottom line: no big deal. It's normal. I trust in his expertise. As long as I'm not trying to duplicate a scene from Bullitt, I'll be okay. He said just make sure the spring seats properly in the perch after lowering the car back down to the ground. Below is a link to a post he made on Corral talking about the physics regarding bump and droop travel.
  12. Whew!!!I can sleep now.
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    Don't rock too hard Mike. Your bones be brittle, old man.
  14. I'll be fine Scott,.....just know that I was once your age,..and one day,'ll be be mine.
    We'll see how brittle your bones are in 15 years.
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  15. Scott just comin in here to wipe the cobwebs off hopefully your not lying dead under your car lol
  16. Has anyone had the cops drive by to see if they smell a dead Scott in the garage? Dibs on the car if he's under it.
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  17. You guys are an impatient bunch. lol.

    I hit a snag with the Magnaflow IRS tailpipes. If I had an LX rear bumper, I probably wouldn't have a problem, but with the Cobra rear sitting a little lower, I couldn't get the tails to sit low enough to clear the cutouts without having the tips point downwards to the ground. So, I had to drag the welder out of the basement again...

    Marked where I wanted to cut the pipes.

    I cut out about 2" of pipe to lower it enough to clear the bumper.

    Tack welded the pipe back on. I'm going to send it off to my local welder to have him run a stainless bead around the whole pipe.

    Test fit the tips again. Don't worry. They are long. I got a good deal on them at the local auto parts store. I'm going to take them to the machine shop and have them shortened about 2". They will sit even with the edge of the bumper when fitted properly.



    The angle looks good now. I didn't take a before picture, but they had a pretty drastic downward angle. Now they are level with the body lines of the car.

    An interesting little fact about that Cobra bumper. That is a NOS bumper. It has the original Ford gelcoat on it, and has never been on a car. I picked it up last year. It was sitting in a guy's shed for 19 years. He had it as a spare for his 93 Cobra. I basically stole the thing, along with the rest of the OEM Cobra ground effects.

    I'm waiting on my powder coater to do the pedal box assembly for me. Once I get that back, I'm going to work on the steering shaft and dash support
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  18. Glad you're still alive, and I still have dibs on your car if (God forbid) you're found dead under it. ;)
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  19. I think there was some discussion 20-30 pages back about me going up in flames under my car, and I'm pretty sure @Noobz347 has already declared dibs on the car. You guys can fight that one out.