Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. He hasn't posted to this thread in over a month, he lost his spot in line... it's mine. Plus we both have similar goals and methods (except you have 0 kids and the money/freedom to do this MUCH faster) and aside from the coupe/hatch thing I feel I'd make the perfect God-Father for the car should the unthinkable happen to you.
  2. Tsk tsk tsk.... you never know where I might pop up.

    BTW Race... It's about time this project wrapped up...

    Don't forget that you still have my car to do. :p
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  3. I love this thread and this car. However it makes me think a couple of things.

    1. I need a lift
    2. my car is NO WHERE near as nice as this one
    3. I want to tear mine apart after reviewing this thread.

    So I sort of hate this car and thread.
  4. I say the exact same thing everytime I come to this thread. :nonono:
  5. I can't compete with it, so I don't even try.
  6. Haven't been in this thread in awhile. Had no idea you were going for a show car. Just incredible work, congrats.

    I gave my 3" Tips away, would have been perfect for your project.
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  7. What if this is how Ford had built these things? :drool:
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  8. Sure does make me appreciate the crazy prices of hand-built exotic cars.
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  9. So my tails are back from the welder and my tips have been shortened. Now I can weld on some hangers and finally finish the exhaust once and for all. I also got the pedal box back from the powder coater, so that's all ready to go.

    If anyone has any pictures of the pedal box/dash frame area installed with the dash removed, it would be awesome if you could post them up. I admittedly didn't take very many pictures when I tore the dash out, so the details are a little fuzzy. I have a few pictures for reference, but more wouldn't hurt.
  10. Tails all welded up with some stainless wire.

    I bought some universal straight stainless exhaust hangers, heated them up with a torch, and bent them into the positions I needed to get the tailpipes to sit at the right level. I welded them to some steel pieces and drilled a hole. Bam...custom exhaust hangers.

    Did the same thing for the hangers on the tips themselves.


    The tips were also shortened to the length I needed. They will line up flush with the edge of the bumper.


    I also go the driveshaft safety loop in.


    The pedal box is a nice gloss black now instead of that lovely rust color that Ford chose.

    Got her installed along with the steering shaft and column.




    After I installed everything, I realized I forgot to install the factory sound deadener. It's not a big deal to pull the pedal box out and install the deadening. I'll be using the factory stuff on the firewall. The rest of the car will get aftermarket deadening material. I'm also going to bleed the MC and brakes next. Luckily I found my Motive speed bleeder. It should make bleeding a brand new system easy.
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  11. Gotta love pics!

  12. Why use the juke on the firewall?
  13. I agree,...why would you put that stuff back, when there are other, more efficient materials (like the stuff you've been using) that'll do a much better job insulating and deadening the hottest, noisiest part of the car?
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  14. When I hit the lottery we are going to meet to discuss delivery of my car, sir.

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  15. I hear ya guys on the stock stuff. I'm playing the lazy card on this one. It's easier for me to just put the stock stuff back in along the firewall. My stock insulation is in great shape, and it's really really thick stuff. A layer of aftermarket sound deadening material wouldn't hurt, but I don't want to buy a little now just to do the firewall then have to place another order for the rest of the car down the road. Buying enough for the whole car is not in the cards now $$$. I'm cutting the stock stuff back so it is only along the upper part of the firewall. The lower part and trans tunnel will get the aftermarket stuff. This will allow me to at least get the heater box in and get everything ready for the wiring.
  16. If you do any form of a tuck going through the tunnel is the way to go just wish i threw my loom over the heater box instead of going under now you can see my wires under the heater box ... nothing a little bit of powerbraid wont fix though
  17. I actually did drill a hole where the trans tunnel meets the firewall. All my computer wiring is coming from the back seat area, so it will be ran along the transmission tunnel and then into the engine bay right above the bellhousing.

    More progress. Cleaned up the HVAC box and replace the heater core. I never had any issues with mine, but I figured its a good thing do to when it's out. One interesting thing I did find was a sticker stuck in the corner of the area where the heater core sits. It's a date sticker from the heater core I pulled out. Looks like the original one on the car must have failed after only 6 or 7 years. Another OEM Ford one is taking its place. The one I pulled out is in great shape though. Anyone want a heater core?



    Got everything installed. Kind of a pain to get it all lined up, but it eventually found its home. Some of my bolts seemed to have walked off, so I'm going to have to grab some replacements at the hardware store.

    Dash frame installed.

    I also bled the brakes. It went pretty smooth with the Motive bleeder. I did have a leak at the MC that I needed to address. The car can officially stop. Now I just need to get it to run.

    A little preview of some of the fun to come...
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  18. The wiring saga has begun. Sh*t just got real.




    I've got about half of the ECU wires ran to the Ron Francis panel. It's very easy to wire up as long as you do it one wire at a time. I had to splice out the MAF wiring to adapt the 05+ slot meter to the stock fox wiring. The slot meter has a built in ACT sensor, which is not going to be used.



    All the wiring will get braided loom once everything is done. The wires come up nicely from the transmission tunnel. Once they are loomed, you hopefully won't even be able to see them.




    Wiring does take a damn long time. I need to pick up a battery soon. I'm probably getting an optima red because of the sealed design. I won't have to worry about getting a battery box. I can just strap it down to the floor. Once I get the ECU wiring done, I'll probably move on to getting the battery cables ran to the front of the car. Then, I can work on the ignition and the rest of the chassis wiring. Fun times are ahead!
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