Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. I'm really glad to see you using the PLX stuff they are a great company I used a few of there products on my wifes car when it was supercharged the wideband was so easy in comparison to the old innovative LC-1 I was using.
  2. welp, i'm hard again. good to see good progress.
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  3. It will be boner city in a few weeks. I just made the last (hopefully) major purchase for the car. I'll have to eat ramen noodles for the next few months, but it will be worth it. I'm tapped out now though.

    I started getting the ignition column wired up. I think the EVTM was the best piece of reference material I've ever purchased. It would be impossible to get this car wired up without it.
  4. i got lucky when i bought my car, the previous owner had ALL the factory documentation on it. factory manual, full wiring and vacuum diagrams, some other troubleshooting manual, window sticker, and all the glove box manuals. they do come in handy, so handy in fact that i almost need a second shop manual just from using it so damn much (pages falling out, rips, general dirtiness)
  5. why don't you scan it and make copies.
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  6. 2nd on the scanning, but with donations to enable further car work. This thing is definitely getting sexier. At this point I think you could airbrush a chicken or wizard (with or without a crystal ball) and I would probably still dig it.
  7. Lol. My painter is actually working on a bald eagle holding a glowing crystal ball with its claw for the hood. He's finishing up the mountains in the background as we speak.
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  8. Rainbows too?
  9. No rainbows. It's more of a bright orange sunset in the background. Really sets the mood.
  10. :lol: Too funny! I was going to go with the dragon/crystal ball myself.
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  11. I hate wiring! car looks so clean!! getting close gonna be a shame to see car done outside on the asphalt getting a little dirty! but then again. Is that a tv i see in that garage now i see why this took so long j/k
  12. Eagle, crystal ball and flames. Its like Bada$$ left his buisness card and expects a call. Hand on my heart...head bowed......MERAKAH.I like it. We put a flag on the moon. Other countries put a moon on their flag. Who's better...I'll let you do some figir'in.
  13. I have an eagle for you,...w/ a decidedly negative slant towards small block chevrolet.
    View attachment 121796
    Then, you could put it on the back glass of your car. ( I've already had it on the back window of one of mine)

    Leave it to me to take cheesy to a new level.:jester:
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  14. Was that on the back of your turbo car? You can get away with a decal like that on a drag car. A street car...not so much.

    Made some really good progress on the car over the past few days. I was able to get a significant amount of wiring done. I connected all the wires I ran into the passenger compartment to the fuse panel. Pictures obviously don't show the amount of labor that goes into wiring, but here are a few.




    I got far along enough that I was able to connect the battery and start testing circuits. I'm very excited to report that nothing exploded or went up in flames! As soon as I turned the key to the 'accessory' position, I could hear the fuel pump relay click on and then off. The pump is disconnected, so I couldn't listen for the prime. The fan and water pump also turned on, as the DCC instructions said they should. I disconnected the water pump so it doesn't run without any fluid going through it. The LED on the Crane ignition was also lit.

    I also wired up a 30A relay for the starter. The relay is bolted right above the driver side kick panel. This replaced the giant starter solenoid, which isn't necessary with a mini starter. I pushed the clutch in and turned the key to crank and then quickly let go. The starter briefly engaged, and I was very happy everything worked as it should. So far, so good.

    I'm not sure what I'm going to wire up next. Maybe I'll get the headlights and taillights out of the way.
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  15. I just read every single page of this thread and wow. Looks like you're building a completely new car! So you're redoing all the wiring in the car including the chassis harness?
  16. Honestly its looking good. Large scale wiring is only daunting if you have to stop and come back to it later. Since most of us are not famous, single, custom car builders....well that means stopping and hopeing to heck the guy that finished earlier is as good as the guy starting today. I cut and re-wired most of the fenderwell on mine, but somehow managed to wire the swithced to the constant on my wideband the next day. Remind me to fire myself when I finally get back on it.
  17. Of course it was on a race car. A twin turbo'd, ford engined, japanese bodied race car at that. I will cop to the occasional eccentricity w/ a street car, but when it comes to decals,..I have a general disdain for anything other than what came from the factory.
    ( Unless you're talking about Mach 1 stripes on a 89 foxbody)........then that's ok too. :hide:

    On a related note, I can't wait till I get to where you are with mine, so I can bit ch about having something as cool as this.
  18. just read you,re going with the PLX multigauge. Love mine!

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  19. How about having them redo the hvac controls and remove the a/c option? I didnt see anywhere that you had a/c on the car?? I think it cleans up the crowded look

  20. I have ALWAYS thought that digital gauges were out of place in a Fox. I don't even really like radio head units with any kind of digital read-outs on them.

    I'm keeping an open mind until I see what you come with Race... There's a lot to be said for fit and finish and so far, you've got an abundance of both! :nice: