Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. you old school bastad
  2. I like that idea. I'm going to roll with it. I assume they silk screen the lettering on, so maybe they can just cut the A/C writing away. Glad you like your PLX gauges. I had their older wideband years ago and it got the job done.

    No radios with digital read-outs, huh? Is this the head unit you have in your car? :eek:


    I do hear you on the digital gauges. I don't like digital dash gauges at all (speedo, tach, etc.). I also don't like 3534679 needle gauges all over the car. I didn't want to do an a-pillar or vent cage on this car, as I'm trying to keep the interior as subtle as possible. I'm not even going to have a shift light anywhere. The choice to go with the PLX gauges was more of a function over form choice. I'll have a dedicated wideband gauge and then a multi-gauge that can display anything else I may want to monitor. Right now it will be oil pressure and boost. I'll never need to mount another gauge anywhere in the car, which I like. And if you makes you feel better, most pictures will be with the gauges off. Nothing but a blank gauge face.
  3. More wiring progress.

    I built this gauge setup a good 2 years ago when I was preparing to revamp the electrical system on the car. I recently swapped out an oil pressure gauge for a fuel pressure gauge, so I had to make a few changes. It's all done now. The plate is made by MC Machine. I had to search high and low for the 24 pin connector. A quick disconnect was a must. No way would I want to pull apart 20 wires to take the dash out. The other end of the connector is partially wired into the dash harness. I have all the wires labeled on that end.


    Got some of the wiring done on the turn signal stalk. I recently decided I will not be running wipers. That will eliminate a good bit of wiring. I can always add the circuit in later if I want to. Oh, the horn works. Woohoo.


    Here is the battery mounted in the spare tire well. I found an battery tray specific to the Optima battery on a 4x4 off road site. It's bolted to the side and bottom of the spare tire well with a total of 6 bolts, so it's not going anywhere.
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  4. It basically is a new car. Not too much that's left is original. All the wiring on the car is new for both the chassis and engine. The only factory harness I'm keeping is the door/window circuit that runs across the dash.
  5. I've got the PLX wideband module an the boost module hooked up to the one gauge. For the hvac, cince everything they do is pretty much custom, they could easily set you up. I swapped in a non hvac control i picked up online for $30. def prefer it over the a/c version.
  6. I'll see if I can hunt one of those down. I prefer it as well.

    The new shoes for the rear showed up today. These 275's barely fit in the wheel well thanks to the IRS subframe mount.

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  7. These are in addition to the F1D3's ?
  8. Negative. A set of G-force KDWs will be going up front. I made the executive decision to change the wheels on the car. The 01 Cobras and F1s will be going up for sale. I actually wasn't planning on keeping them anyway.
  9. They are overpriced on ebay if/when they appear. I found a salvage yard parts listing site a while back that most of them were right around 25-35 bucks
  10. Oh did ya?
  11. Can't wait to see what you have in store?:chin
  12. REEEAAALLLLYYYYY?!?!?!?! #inmyaceventuravoice :chin
  13. I know nothing of G force KDW's other than they look like the visual representation for the word hydroplane. Obviously, you're buying a performance soft compound tire for handling. One or two thoughts:

    1. Hope you don't plan on driving it too much (over 5000 miles annually).
    AND IF YOU DO:......
    2. Please post pics of the new tires as soon as you wear out the ones in the pics above.
    I realize that a soft tire will probably last longer than 5000 miles,....but given the intent, and design purpose of the tire, ( road racing) I liken it to driving a drag slick around the streets:
    The tires wear like mad, the compound hardens, ( negating the performance of the tire where it was bought to perform at) and, it's dangerous as hell when the road even hints of being wet.

    I'd keep the F1's. It's not every day that you see a fox mustang running around w/ 1600.00 worth of RUBBER on it anyway.

    Reach deeper into your pocket, and buy a second set of wheels for your "track day" w/ your KDW's.;)
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  14. The drag radials are just to help me get a little more power to the ground on the street. This car probably won't ever see a road course. I'll be lucky to put 2000 miles a year on the car, so I'm not worried about life. The front KDWs are just normal summer performance tires. The only time I'll be in the rain is if I get caught in it and I would more than likely find a nice little bridge to hide under with all the guys on their Harleys.

    I can't keep the F1s if I wanted to. They won't fit the new 18" wheels :)
  15. Let me guess, no windshield wipers either? :rolleyes:
  16. Nope! If it's not sunny, I'm not driving. I actually don't use the wipers much on my daily. Rain X is amazing stuff.
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  17. same here LOL
  18. So let me get this straight,......The car will never be "driven" a distance (to like a "Mustang week) where the weather is something that you cannot control??

    While it don't bother me one bit, would be depriving your faithful minion followers of the opportunity to see the actual divinity that IS your car.

    And for the record: No A/C? No wipers? Bald, sticky track tires?

    Maybe it's best that you don't drive it UNLESS:

    The temp is 75 degrees, and humidity is less than 50%, and rain chances aren't forecasted for about a month.

    Any time other than that one perfect day, the only "wet driving" you'll have to worry about will be your sweaty ass in that black leather seat. :D
  19. Worry about your own sweaty ass Mike. My Recaros are cloth anyway ;)

    @GroverDill doesn't seem to mind his lack of tire tread or wipers. I know he mentioned he would like his a/c back, and that will probably be the only thing on this car I will regret as I age. It was just too much of a challenge to keep it with the turbo setup. If I want it bad enough down the road, I'll make it happen.
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