Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. X2 with seats. I remember some sweet rims but don't think I've seen a pic of some new seats. So that's my guess
  2. I'm going with a set of kirkey seats but that's just me
  3. I'd guess Corbeau's... Something comfy and safe.
  4. Hey kirkeys are comfy
  5. Naaaww this guys' a Corbeau kinda guy. Kirkeys are more drag race, his build is more Pro Touring.
    It's definitely either that or new wheels to match the new rubber he went out and bought, despite having new rubber.
  6. im going to go way out there and say either recaros, or something to do with the electronics (since there seems to be a lot of that going in this car)
  7. So mike what your saying is he's just being a b itch @madmike1157
  8. Yeah something like that. It's not everyday you decide that the GY Eagle F1 DT tires you paid over one thousand dollars for.... "just aren't you.":runaway:
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  9. You guys crack me up. I can tell you two things:

    This car will not have Kirkey seats in it.
    Those Goodyear F1's did not cost me a penny. I won them from Discount Tire through a contest on They said I could choose 4 of any tire I wanted. Momma didn't raise no fool. :banana:
  10. But,'re not gonna use them.:shrug:
  11. Corbeaus in this car, uggh Recaros or better come on guys sheesh.
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  12. I chuckle every time I hear Recarro's. I had a 16v euro GTI with facyory Recarros back in the early 90's. Focn theives broke in and stole the seats and matching door panels. I lived right next to the police station too. Was covered by insurance but took 3 months to obtain from Germany
  13. I have had 3 sets of Corbeau seats now it has very plain looking Recaro SE seats

    The quality difference is pretty huge.

    makes no difference, it is not seats.
  14. I have stock seats .... Just saying lol
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  15. Bride seats.

    Look it up.
  16. overnight from japan?

    too racy for his car

    it's not seats.
  17. Fingers crossed that he somehow managed to slick a stripper pole into the hatch and maybe a few dancing girls.... If it's not that then I have no clue.
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  18. Maybe it's audio equipment. ie: amps, speakers, more wiring, fuse blocks, etc.

    ...or does he have that stuff already? I don't feel like going back 50+ pages to see. :shrug:
  19. standalone fuel management/EFI system... he got tired of screwing with the system he has now.
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  20. Nah. I haven't even started diagnosing my sensor issue. I'm not ditching the PMS though. That's for sure.