Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. Tease.......

    (Has to be a stripper pole... just has to)
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  2. So, who guessed wheels? :D






    True Forged 18x8" and 18x9" 2-piece wheels. Center sections are brushed with a clear coat. These puppies are s.e.x.y! Gotta wait until Monday to get the tires mounted up.
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  3. Please put those back into the box and ship to me for closer inspection. :)
  4. Nice wheels! In all seriousness I'm really let down it want a stripper pole...
  5. We are now TF BFFs
  6. I'm happy to be in the TF family Grover.

    For those that thought it was seats, I bought seats for the car 2 years ago. They have been in my basement since. I'll let those be a fun little surprise too.
  7. those are awesome, if i may ask which TF are they and where does one find them.
  8. These are the Mach Fives. You can contact them through their website. Every wheel is custom made, so it takes about 2 months to get them after placing an order.
  9. i absolutely think they are awesome and 8's up front eliminate the tighter wheel well concern we have in the 88/89... cant wait to see them mounted.
  10. You ever finish milking the wiring btw? Lol
  11. No. Lol. I need to get off my ass and get in the garage. I'm wired out for right now though. I'm waiting for the rest of my painted parts to show up so I can working on something a little different for a bit. This cold weather doesn't help motivation much either.
  12. what offsets did you get? I need to do something soon for the IRS in my car.

  13. No. No, I don't think so. :nonono:

  14. Leave it to Noobz to post a picture of that car. Such a jokester.

    @bird_dog0347, I don't know the offsets. The guys at TF like to talk in backspacing. The rears are 18x9" with 6.35" backspacing. I'll take more pictures to show how they sit in the fenders once I get the tires mounted.
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  15. Well, my ACT sensor issue is resolved. I went to go disconnect the PMS from the panel via the 10mm bolt and noticed the bolt was loose to begin with. Tightened it down and turned on the ignition. Saw 54 degrees for the sensor on the handheld. Checked the voltage at the pins and both the ECT and ACT were reading the same voltage, which is what they should be doing when the engine is cold. Dumb oversight on my part, but I'm glad no electronics are malfunctioning. I'll change the oil and try to fire this thing up again on the next warm day we have, whenever the hell that will be.
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  16. Ha Ha!!!!! I guessed it!! What do I win?! What do I win?!:banana:
  17. Happens to us all, easy thing to overlook. At least it was a easy fix! Wheels are nice too btw

  18. I win. :neat:
  19. :cookie:

    You can split it with @Noobz347
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  20. I get the half with most chocolate chips! :fuss:
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