Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. Bah... Never mind. I was conjecturing at the EEC problem not the package.

    @stangboy kan haz the cookie. :(
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  2. Well, I knew I was going to run into my first major problem sooner or later. I just didn't expect it to be with the wheels. The rears don't fit. The tires stick out 1/4" past the fenders. Looks like we missed the mark on the backspacing. This is the first 9" wheel that True Forged has done on a fox with IRS, so we were kind of shooting from the hip as far as backspacing was concerned. I had the tires removed and the rear wheels will be going back on Monday. With the way the wheels are cut, there's no meat left on the hub pads to mill them down. The center sections will need to be cut out of the hoops and new ones will need to be made. I need a whole 1/2" additional backspacing, which is huge as far as wheels are concerned. Hopefully this change doesn't bankrupt me.
  3. Dam n Scott that sucks hate to hear about that I think there's ways to measure it but it's way to complex lol
  4. I used a backspacing measuring tool. Apparently it was a lying POS. However, the number I got was only 1/10" more than what TF was recommending, so I went with it. I don't expect them to fix it for free, but hopefully they are willing to work with me.
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  5. Yeah way I did it on past vehicles is mock up a set of random wheels and figure it from there but I figure yours is a different story
  6. That blows anus.
  7. What he said
  8. Hey no one is blowin anus around here! That's just weird
  9. That does suck man, but when you get them back and they fit correctly, maybe you can share the final specs with everyone here so guys like me know exactly what fits best. It's good that you found out now though and not when it was the last thing to go on and keep you from driving it.
  10. I gotta say that does suck.

    Weird how we both had measurement related fk up's that ended in do-overs.
    W/ me it was the axles,...and despite the fact that I measured the spacing between the wheels like I have done a million times before ,...this last time ended up w/ me paying 200.00 to have stock axles shortened to the point of them being unusable. I did get a pretty good break from Moser on the replacement hardened axles though,... maybe you'll get a similar break from your wheel supplier.
  11. I sure hope so Mike. It was a stretch just buying 4 wheels. For what they cost, I need to be 100% satisfied with them. They aren't even close right now. Hey, at least the fronts fit.
  12. Pictures of the fronts to make everyone in this thread less sad???
  13. Oh, about the fronts. Yea. I was looking at them last night and realized the froot loops at Firestone installed one of the directional tires backwards. I'm bringing it back tonight for them to fix. Wtf.
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  14. fruit* but who is keeping track....

    That sucks those idiots couldn't even put the tires on right!
  15. Didn't realize we were quoting Tucan Sam... Apologies...
  16. It's not like directional tires have arrows on them or anything to show which they they're supposed to roll.
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  17. That's just a mere suggestion @88LX5.Oh
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  18. It could be worse......maybe not. Honestly sorry to hear, I'm enjoying seeing your progress. Your one of the few who seem to make consistent progress.