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  1. Yeeeeaaaaaaah boy!
  2. So I found some exhaust leaks in the downpipe. The puddle of black liquid under the turbo was a dead giveaway. I went to loosen the v-band clamp and the damn nut must have cross threaded. I had to break the v-band to get it off. Another one is on the way, but I can't start engine again until it shows up. I did pull codes and everything for KOEO was good except for the smog pump codes and evap canister. I got a continuous memory code for the VSS. That's probably because the car was never moving. I anticipate that going away once I drive it.

    I was doing a little research about the PMS and injectors. Apparently, even with the PMS injector driver, the PMS is not a big fan of larger injectors. Some recommend going with a true peak and hold low impedance injector driver, like the Versafueler. The PMS injector driver is just made up of resistors. Had I known this previously, I would have went the route of a more advanced driver. The Versafueler should create better idle and part throttle characteristics.

    @84Ttop, do you have any experience with this driver?
  3. I've used the PMS and injector driver with all sorts of big injectors and had no issues. How big are your injectors? I've always had good luck with the motorsport and bosch injectors in an application like yours.
  4. Was it the older style driver? I heard those are better than the current PMS driver with the purple case. I'm using 95lb Delphi injectors. They have been flow matched.
  5. I didn't realize that they changed the injector driver? I've only ever used two of them in two different cars the one having 120lb injectors and the other 160's and they both never had an issue. If they have changed the driver and it doesn't work the same as the older style (i'm talking the ones i've played with were 10 years old at least) I can't really say. The versatronics thing looks neat but I would imagine it works on the same premise as the Anderson piece. Just curious as to why you think the injector driver is giving you a problem?
  6. The newer driver is not a peak and hold one, so it will not keep the injectors open for the entire pulsewidth, especially at idle. The versafueler is more advanced than the box of resistors in the AFM driver. I'm having a good bit of trouble getting the car to idle. There were a few guys on the turbo forum that switched the the versafueler and saw notable improvements in idling and drivability. It may make tuning the car easier in general as well. The nice thing about the AFM driver is that it just plugs in. I need to splice in the other one to the injector harness.
  7. Have you called Anderson yet? They have decent tech support for their products and I would start there since you already have their unit. I would think you shouldn't have any trouble getting the thing to idle on 95's. One last question, in your tune up have you played with any of the coolant temp/fueling tables? I have found that a lot of good idle and down low driveability can come from playing with the tables based on coolant temp.
  8. I do actually plan to talk to them about it. I have been tinkering with the coolant tables a bit. Removing fuel at the lower temps has helped. It will probably require more tinkering though. I've never played with injectors this big before, so I'm kind of shooting from the hip right now.

  9. I have one of those that I need to get put into the car. I have a custom chip in there now but will probably hit you up when I pull it and get the PMS in-place.
  10. You have the older driver?
  11. I believe that is the case. How do I confirm?
  12. It's not anodized purple like the PMS box. Just a plain gray box. It should have external grounds coming out of it as well.

  13. I have it stored at my father-in-law's house. I'll make a trip later today and verify.
  14. @RacEoHolic330

    This is the one I have:


    I don't recall if the Baro was 2 bar or 3 bar. Part number is: 12223861

  15. Yeah, I get that you didn't ask about the MAP but aren't the injector drivers integrated into the version of the PMS that I have or is it separate altogether?
  16. No. They are separate. There is a plug on the side of the PMS that they plug into.
  17. Ok, I get ya. I also see on their website that the version that I have is the same one they're still selling. I thought it was the version before that one.
  18. Yup. That's the latest and greatest 10 year old model. Haha
  19. I spoke with the guy at All Out Auto that will be tuning the car. He said the driver will probably be okay. The weak link in the PMS is how it interacts with the MAF meter. He said sometimes drivability tuning can be very tricky. I'm going to get it running as good as I can and make sure everything is mechanically sound and then bring it down for a tune. It will be an all day event to tune for power and drivability.

    In other news, my wheels are fixed. I'll have them next week. The cost wasn't too bad considering they needed new hoops to correct the backspacing. I'm excited to get the car back on all 4 wheels again.
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