Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. I can't say that I really understand how this can be. I've never had to use the low impedance driver but it's my understanding they are built SPECIFICALLY to interpret min/max pulse voltages and convert commanded duration and slope to one that is compatible with the injector.

    If it doesn't do that well, then it shouldn't exist. lol

    My only other thoughts on that are that it should be user programmable if there is a standard of some sort (written or unwritten) that is loosely followed when manufacturing these injectors.

    Am I missing something or does that about sum it up?
  2. Yea. The resistor box driver simply fools the ECU into thinking it's operating high impedance injectors. It's the peak and hold drivers that modified the current to the injectors to create more accurate open and close timing. Just about all OEM computers are designed to work with high impedance injectors mainly due to cost. It's one less thing for manufacturers to have to design when performance isn't a concern. It's funny though, modern injector technology has caught up and big high impedance injectors can actually out perform their low impedance counterparts. They are just very pricey.
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  3. I had that P.M.S. on my 94GT. In the 94-95 Specific section there is lots of information to read about it.
  4. Thanks Vibrant. I've read your resources over there before. It came in handy again when I was trying to set the idle on the car.
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  5. The driver works fine, Ive tuned with plenty of PMS units since the brick controller days and they are great for most HCI power adder cars that want to run 10's or 9's. The problem we run into with the larger injectors is idle and low rpm part throttle driveability due to the MAF resolution. Sometimes it pans out well enough othertimes it can be a real PITA to try and find a balance and control injectors like he has (96's). I would love if he had a fast XFI, BS3 or Holley setup with the nice motor/decent size turbo it would make crazy power and cruise like a stocker , but what he has is what it is and if he decides to bring it down ill give it my best to get it as close as possible to having decent driveability.... that being said if one of you guys with a milder setup were to buy his pms, puter and mass air it would make it that much better ! -Kris aka paxtonpwr
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  6. Thanks Kris. I'll definitely be bringing it down to you. I decided to keep the PMS almost 4 years ago when I decided to start this whole build. In hindsight, going with a more modern system would have been a wiser choice. Live and learn. That's part of this hobby I guess! I'm confident you'll squeeze out every ounce of potential you can from the PMS. Expect to hear from me in a month or two.
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  7. Wow dude. This thing is looking awesome!
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  8. ordered mine Monday I just book marked your page
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  9. Carpet is coming back out of the car. Time for some last minute changes.
  10. Some pretty substantial changes...

    Goodbye electronics

    Goodbye wiring

    Goodbye mass air

    O2 sensors are gone too.

    Man, I love doing things twice! :bang:
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  11. Big stuff 3 going in ?
  12. Speed density? Lol
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  13. No MAF = SD
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  14. I'm guessing some Holley Standalone Efi...
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  15. Blow thru carb setup?
  16. That would be my guess too
  17. There's no fooling you guys. I was going to try to make you all believe I was going carb and see how many people yelled at me, but you're some fart smellers. Yes, I'm going with a Holley setup. After I sell off the existing stuff I have, it won't cost a whole lot more to get the Holley. It was a hard decision to make, but after talking with Kris, it seemed like the best way to go. It's a decision I should have made 3 years ago. Oh well. At least now I'll have a car that will make insane power and drive around town like a stocker. And yea, the Holley is an SD setup. No mass air and no narrowband O2 sensors. The more I read and learn about it, the more I like it.
  18. Let me know what all you get because I looked at this way but when I called Holley to asked them about it the guy was a straight dic k saying it would be easier for me to just put an ls1 in there with their dominator kit which made me feel weird
  19. That's strange I always had good luck with their tech support. Very helpful and when you leave a message for them to call you back, they actually do! That holley system is badass. Very easy to setup and use. Car has never run better. Its constantly self tuning. When I had the megasquirt I had so much time tuning it and it still didn't run like it does now. My suggestion is to go with the crank trigger over tfi for sure also. Worth the money. Car would rev to 6200ish and just hit a wall. Crank trigger pulls to 7200 and would go way more but I doubt it makes power much higher then that. Sounds a little cleaner also doing it. Look at the innovators west trigger mount, its a nice piece.
  20. Good choice IMO