Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. I never had a real issue with the cam sync. I just cut off all of the teeth on the dis except for #1, made sure to stab the dist. with the rotor pointed exactly at #1 on the cap with the crank at 10* btdc, then set the crank sensor at 60* btdc. The black wire from the hall effect sensor (on a MSD TFI Pro Billet Dist) goes to ground, the red wire is the key on power (12volt pass through wire on a Fast XFI) and the green wire went to the Cam signal wire. Had to loop a couple of other wires in the harness as it was not set up for a discreet hall like the TFI dist. but all in all not to bad to do once I got my mind wrapped around it. Engine fired and ran right off, verified commanded timing with the laptop, and that was it, other than the actual tuning.
  2. I'm glad that worked out for you. I can give it a try. The stock distributor is wired pretty much the same with the three prongs that the TFI plugs into. Hot, ground, and signal. That will interface correctly with the Holley inputs for the cam sync.

  3. Looks like I've missed a good bit over the weekend.

    That's why this car is headed in the direction that it's going, and mine is not. LOL

    I'd have been: "Screw it, that part is done".
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  4. I'm not exactly sure the issue but I never trusted it... I wound up changing it over rather then fixing whatever was screwing it up.

    Dart block only spinning to 6500? I won't say it but you know what i'm thinking! lol ;)
  5. Haha. My cam is done making power at that point. It's a hydraulic lifter setup anyway. It's going to make plenty of power for me. I don't need to spin it to the moon!
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  6. Both are true... It does stop making power but also recall that it's not loosing much either. LOL

    It might not make any more but it'll keep making very near max all the way to what... 9-ishk?


    I will soon have mine out of winter moth balls and it will remind me of ALL the other kinds of HP that there are beside just those specifically labeled, "Peak". :rlaugh:
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  7. Boom!! So it has been said, so it shall be done! Let's spin the thing to 9,000 just to verify @Noobz347 theory
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  8. I'll look around. I'm sure I have a clip or two... My limitation is spark.
  9. So the plan of attack is in motion. I found a MSD trigger kit on Corral for a good price and also placed an order for a FAST dual-sync distributor (fingers crossed @84Ttop). I'm just waiting for Kris to call me back so I can place the order for the Holley kit. Once I get everything, I'll get it all wired up and make sure the ECU turns on and everything checks out electrically. Kris said to bring it over without starting it so he can confirm everything gets set up correctly with the base map and the distributor timing, etc. Now I just need to bother my painter to get me the rest of my parts. I don't want to trailer the car down without doors and a hatch on it.
  10. Good choice man just remember to get the crank trigger pick up also. Shop around for the HP unit too. Pretty sure I paid $1350 for the kit. Looked around for a while, I am pretty cheap. Have the guy you are having fire it up for you give you some pointers. Dez showed me a bunch of stuff while messing with my car and I am confident now with it. Its a pretty easy system once you start really getting into it.
  11. Yup. I'll be getting the hall effect sensor to replace the sensor with the MSD kit. After talking to a few people, spacing out my power steering and alternator is going to be the easiest way to make up that 3/8" that the trigger wheel adds. Apparently modifying the crank pulley is way easier said than done.

    I've been doing a lot of research on it trying to learn as much as I can about the system. I downloaded the software and have been tinkering with it. It's definitely very user friendly. I'm excited to mess around with it.
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  12. You could also get a custom pulley made. I had one made by a company called dewzen in NH. They were great to work with, price was really fair and turnaround was less than 2 weeks from the time i shipped my parts to them, to me getting the new setup in the mail.
  13. Cool. Thanks for the info. I'll get in touch with them. March also recommended ASP for a custom pulley. Just the words 'custom pulley' sounds expensive, but I'll have to see what it would actually cost.
  14. It is. That is all.
  15. ASP built the custom pulley for my buddies twin supercharged 69 camaro. It was a work of art, 6 rib accessory and two 10 rib blower sections, it was amazing! With that being said, you don't need some custom pulley, don't reinvent the wheel for pete's sake...
  16. The problem with moving my accessories out is that I have absolutely no room to space out the alternator because of the downpipe. I could have the mounting surface of the alternator machined down, but that costs money too. If Taco Bell can reinvent the taco every 6 months, I can reinvent the wheel once!
  17. Perhaps you can order a pulley from Taco Bell. :chin
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  18. From Dewzen, id be willing to bet it would be around 100-150 bucks to mimic the stock pulley. The pulley they did for me was 65, but there would be more operations involved in copying the stock pulley and that would drive the price up.

    This is what i had done. All the dimensions were on the money and it was exactly what we discussed over the phone.

  19. I just got off the phone with their designer over there. He said for a bare 6061 pulley, I'm looking at under $100 for what I need. He said to send him mine and he could then give me an exact price. That's very reasonable if you ask me. I can get a few bucks for my March pulley to boot. I'm going to go that route. Saves me headaches and I won't need to mess with my accessories.
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