Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. Cool, I agree that it is much easier to go that route rather than move all the accessories around. I was glad to find that shop, i plan on using them in the future for more custom stuff. I have a shop locally that i have used but they arent car guys so trying to get them to understand what needs to be done can be difficult.
  2. Thanks again for the tip. I also have a local fabrication shop with a cnc and all that business. They have helped me a lot in the past, but this was over their abilities. It's great to find a place that does speciality work like that at an affordable price.
  3. No problem, i agree 100%
  4. This is awesome. Make sure you review the pulley when you get it! :nice:

    If it goes well, I'll call him up for the oversize crank that I want.

    I have a thread someone where around here where I asked about an over size crank. Didn't appear to be too many options out there.
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  5. damn! lots of stuff going on. my bro got his going (my old car) and he is using the holley setup. he LOVES it. very similar turbo setup to yours, i think.

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  6. This custom pulley thing is exactly the kind of crap that set my project back. When I had my engine built, I told the engine builder I was using a MSD crank trigger. What I did not know is that he took that 3/8" thick crank trigger wheel into account when he ordered the ATI dampner. So I proceed to order from ASP a 8 rib 7.8" crank pulley that is 3/8" shorter than stock. So guess what happens when I bolt everything together? My crank pulley sits 3/8" in to far! :doh: So now I had to order a 3/8" spacer to get the "custom" crank pulley to line up with everything. It is things like this that have caused the whole 2 steps forward 1 step back process with my project. Now if only I had the @madmike1157 story telling skills.
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  7. I hear eating Doritos locos tacos makes your crank bigger. :rolleyes:
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  8. Makes you crank more!
  9. This car is simply amazing. Just read the entire thread. Wow...
  10. @boiler up , your brother's car sounds real strong. I'm excited to get the new setup and see how she runs.

    @Bullitt347, looks like your engine builder was too smart for his own good! If it were a madmike story, you would have somehow nearly cut your fingers off and lost an eye while remedying the situation.

    Thanks @cadams155 , I appreciate it.
  11. Well I did get a sliver once....................
  12. I don't get it.:pirate:

  13. boiler up that beotch sounds nasty real nasty well done!
  14. @madmike1157, you seem to have forgotten about your exploding cutoff wheel ordeal when you were building the 89. Your stories always tend to end in you getting injured somehow.
  15. Yeah,..I know. Unfortunately the pirate emoticon didn't have the traditional eyepatch.

    He did however have only one hand, and was haphazardly wielding a really sharp blade.;)
  16. So, the Holley EFI has been ordered. I should hopefully have it next week. I received my FAST distributor and MSD crank trigger kit. The crank trigger is installed. I'm just waiting for that custom crank pulley. I'll be making a custom shielded cable for the crank trigger and cam sensor to plug into the Holley harness. I should hopefully have the engine ready to go sooner than later, again.
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  17. @RacEoHolic330 , where do you purchase your AN fittings and SS hoses?
  18. All of my fuel lines are PTFE (Teflon) made by TechAFX. had the best price on their stuff as well as the Fragola PTFE fittings. For the regular AN stuff, I got most of it from There is usually a 10% off coupon available too. If you are shopping for regular red/blue standard AN fittings, I have a good amount of new and nearly new ones available. Sizes from -6 up to -16.
  19. I just found out about Fragola a few months ago. and was real happy to see that they are a few towns over from me. Needless to say, i will only buy Fragola fittings from now on. Gotta support the local business.