Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. I put all of my holley stuff thru the same grommet that was on my stock harness.
  2. That would be convenient, but mine was welded up and I have a fuel pressure regulator and catch can in the way. I'll make it work, it will just be a pain. Especially with the heater box already in. I foresee many cuts on my hands in the near future.
  3. So, I decided to do a (cold) compression test while I was putting in a new set of NGK 10 plugs. Here are the numbers:

    Cylinder 1 - 145 PSI
    Cylinder 2 - 140 PSI
    Cylinder 3 - 150 PSI
    Cylinder 4 - 135 PSI
    Cylinder 5 - 160 PSI
    Cylinder 6 - 150 PSI
    Cylinder 7 - 145 PSI
    Cylinder 8 - 135 PSI

    I'm genarally happy with those numbers. 4 and 8 are a little low compared to the others, but considering it was a cold test and the numbers are within 15% of each other, I'll take it. I was concerned that with all the fuel in the oil from the first startup, I may have screwed the rings, but all seems well.

    I also got my knock sensors and mounted one of them in the coolant drain on rear driver side of the block at clyinder 8. The passenger side has a threaded hole between cylinders 3 and 4 that I would like to use. I just need to get a brass adapter because the sensor threads are too large. Pictures to come once I finish that up.
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  4. Good deal with the knock sensors. What series Holley are you using? The avenger and HP(what I have) are the same ECU with a few feature differences. The dominator, in my application, is way overkill but you seem to have a lot of more intricate things going on with your build
  5. I'm using the HP. The Dominator was out of my budget. I don't see myself using up the I/O of the HP anytime soon. If I planned on getting the Holley from the start, I probably would have went with the Dominator and not have purchased a separate boost controller and fan/water pump controller.
  6. Got my pulley today. This thing is a beauty! Thanks again @90lxcoupe for the tip. Saved me a ton of headaches. Total cost was $108 including shipping. Killer price for a custom billet pulley, IMO.



  7. No problem, glad i could help. They do great work, i was really happy with my pulley too.
  8. Looks like it's going to be a busy weekend! I should have ordered some extra wiring ahead of time. The configuration of the harness is going to drive my OCD level through the roof. The harness is too 'universal' for my liking, which I expected. To keep the wiring hidden in the engine bay, and keep everything under the carpet, I'm probably going to have to re-work part of the harness. What should be a plug and play install will take me quite a while, because I'm a pain in the ass like that.

  9. So you're not going to sit the 'puter on the hood and use a jump box to power it up?
  10. Just a thought, lay it all out in the open and test it to make sure it's all working correctly... then once you're happy and know you've got it all squared away pull it off and fix/route the harness how you want it.
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  11. That's as least a dozen Doritos Locos tacos job to get that installed. :pop:
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  12. Is that OEM diameter?
  13. No. This is an underdrive crank pulley. I can't imagine a factory diameter one being much more.
  14. And we have derailed this thread
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  15. Looks good Scott
    Looking forward to seeing how you install the kit
  16. C'mon Nick. You should know me better than that. I would at least drill a hole in the hood so I can hardwire 12V and ground to the unit.

    I'm going to try to do something like that just to make sure the unit powers on fine.

    It wouldn't be the first time. This thread was a home improvement channel for a while when I was waiting for the car to get painted. There was lots of great advice on remodeling and landscaping.

    I didn't realize the ECU housing was 100% metal. The little thing is heavy for its small size. I'm quite happy with the initial quality of everything. The only thing that sucked is that it comes with a 1 bar MAP sensor. It would have made more sense if you could choose the sensor you wanted. I needed to buy a 3 bar.
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  17. Does it use a gm style map sensor? If so I have one that I took off my car after last season. I had to switch to 5 bar and you're welcome to my 3 bar sensor if it will work for you.
  18. Yes, standard 3 pin weatherpack connector. That would be great. Shoot me a message and let me know what you want for it.
  19. holley does make a 15' unterminated harness that comes with a bunch of pins and connectors. I'd like to do that someday but for now i'll just deal with the generic harness. Its not that bad but you definitely have to move a couple things just to make it fit.
  20. Yea. That probably would have worked too. Luckily, I don't have to reconstruct this harness, but I'll definitely need to extend some wires to get them exactly where I want them. It won't be a big deal, but it will take a little time and planning. I just want to avoid touching the wideband wiring. That is already shielded and sealed.