Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. Thanks bud. I'm happy it looks like a car now.
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  2. Wow!

    I want mine to look like a car too.:hail2:
  3. Dare to dream, Mike.
  4. fukin amazing man! getting close now! looks like a new foxbody being assembled but with all the best hardcore dream mod parts!:rock: ......keep it coming no better foxbody pornn on the net now!!:pop:
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  5. :zzz:
    I'll get right on that.
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  6. That VSS stuff is pretty trick, and just like everything else on the car, you made it look completely professional. Car's looking great man!
  7. Thanks a lot Nik. Much appreciated.
  8. To be completely honest when y'all start talking about the electrical stuff I'm lost. It's gonna be a show stopper when it's done.
  9. I got all the interior panels installed this weekend with the exception of the door panels. All the hatch plastics and trim are in, so I can start working on the MDF rear floor enclosure. That will happen down the road.

    I finished up all the EFI wiring and double checked everything. The Holley unit should be all ready to fire up and load in a base tune. The only thing I have to do is phase the distributor and make sure the cam and crank syncs are working properly. Once I know all the wiring is okay, I'll get the carpet and seat back in the car.

    The only thing left to do before I can get it tuned is set up the suspension and steering. Once I do that, she'll be off to the dyno!
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  10. I come in here and just look around in awe. I hope one day my car can be like yours when it grows up. And being that i love the electrical end of things and building harnesses and crap like that this thing just gets better and better for me. Keep up the great work!
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  11. Thanks Jeff. I enjoy the electrical stuff a lot. Let's me unleash my OCD a bit.

    Speaking of electrical. The base tune has been downloaded to the ECU and all seems well. I'm going to verify the cranking timing once I can get a neighbor to turn the engine over while I check it with a light. I'm not actually going to fire the engine up until I get it to the tuner. With the crank and cam sensors, I want to have him look it all over before the fuel meets the fire. Too many things that I could have overlooked with getting everything synchronized.

    I've been pressing on with the rest of the car though. Spoiler is on.


    Door molding are also on. They are the LMR repros. I'm pretty happy with them. Not a bad fit at all. We shall see how well they stay on though.

    With the exception of the fuel door, mirrors, and front end, the exterior of the car is all done. The mirrors need to be sanded and sprayed with trim pain again. I didn't do a good job sanding the first time around and I can see the sand marks in the paint.

    All the interior panels are also in.


    Carpet and driver seat are next on the list to get back in.
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  12. If I were you I'd probably just never pull it out of the garage. Ever
    And that's from a firm believer that everything should get beat on
  13. Man those painters polished the chit out of that paint!! Looks like a mirror. Love the car. I'll buy a plane ticket just to be the one to crank the engine for you, let me know when ;)
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  14. God your garage is so clean. Is your mustang the only car that gets to park in there?
  15. Too sanitary for me, I prefer Garages w/ "character".:rolleyes:
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  16. The DD will get to go back in the garage during the winter while the stang is tuck up against the wall.

    Mike, I just figured the pretty looking car in the garage was enough character for me :shrug:

    I decided to switch gears a bit and work on the MDF install for the floor in the hatch. Picked up a sheet of 1/2" stuff from Home Depot tonight. I made a cardboard template, trimmed it, trimmed it again, trimmed it some more, and then trimmed it one last time. I transferred the cardboard to the MDF and cut it out with my handy dandy cordless jigsaw. Cut it like a hot knife through butter. Here are a few cell pictures.



    I also set the saw to 45 degrees and chamfered the bottom edges because of the angles of the plastics in the back. If I didn't chamfer it, the top of the MDF would not go to the edge of the panels. @madmike1157, you do that A/V thing for a living, so maybe you can assist me. I'm putting that self-contained subwoofer in the spare tire area. I plan to have it facing up. Would it be beneficial for me to drill some holes in the MDF where the sub will be sitting? The carpet will still go over the top, but I thought some holes in the MDF would help some. I'm not too schooled on the acoustics of subwoofers, so I'm not sure what the best thing to do is.
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  17. I get completely blown away when I stay out of here for a while, then come back and see stuff like this.

    At this point, I think we need test group interest on some bank robberies (Juss kidding NSA).
  18. The sub will probably rattle the p iss outta the solid board placed over it if that is your intent. Perforating the board would have to be a deliberate attempt, w/ several holes of "significance" drilled over the top. ( Think pepperoni pizza)
  19. Pepperoni pizza. Got it. I'll get out the flour and eggs.
  20. Gluten free?