Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. how pumped are you going to be cruising on a nice fall night with the windows down? :banana:
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  2. *Sends RacEiHolic Google Drive directions*
  3. The tires sit inside the fenders a little more than those pictures lead you to believe. The fenders are also rolled, so I don't anticipate any problems. I am running fox length MM a-arms. I was more concerned about the rears rubbing, but the car squatted so hard during the dyno pulls that it put the tires into the fenders and I haven't noticed any signs of contact anywhere.

    I can't wait. I'm real excited to just rip it around the block a few times once I get my fuel pump back and fix my return line that developed a "leak".
  4. I was staring at the car tonight for a while (because that's what I do and I'm critical of my work) and decided that I'm not happy with the gaps for the hatch. I was looking at older pictures of the car and it looks like it fit better back then. I got sick of messing with the hatch when I put it back on because aligning it was such a tedious task, but it could definitely be better. Looks like I have something to work on tomorrow night!

    I got the fenders and doors setup pretty well, especially considering that the fenders are not original to the car. All those gaps look good. That hatch though...
  5. Yea, the hatch closes well. It just needs to be shifted forwards towards the front of the car to tighten up the gap where the hatch meets the roof. You could land a plane in there right now!
  6. Your version of land a plane in there and the amount of actual gap are probably perceived much differently by anyone looking at the car other than you. You take perfection to a whole new level! Very well done
  7. Although honestly if I spend that much time effort and money on my fox, I'm going to make it better then perfect too, and you are your own toughest critic, so the day that it is perfect in your eye is the day that people's heads explode when they see your foxy fox

  8. e85 ftw!
  9. Thanks dude. It could fit a small plane, like a Cessna. It's not 747 bad or anything like that. Haha
  10. I stopped at the notary and registered the car. Should have my antique plate in a few weeks. This state is great. Just fill out a form, pay $150, and you get a lifetime registration and no safety or emissions inspections ever. They used to require 4 photos of the car and it had to appear completely stock, but luckily they did away with that 2 years ago.

  11. Antique! :lol:

    ..fuk I'm getting old

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  12. My little fuel line issue is taken care of.

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  13. Might still leak just judging by that picture... You may want to try screwing those ends together or something ;)
  14. And here's a new tool that came out especially for you Scott
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  15. LOL
  16. I had no idea we had so many comedians on this forum!

    The fuel pump showed up today. It looks to be a brand new pump. The casing is new and has a new serial number. I don't believe they would put my original pump components in a new case. Whatever, as long as it works, I'm happy.
  17. You gave them a pretty much brand new one so what you get back should be in kind. I have a bunch of stuff that's been sitting around now for almost a year that I buy as I get money and set aside. Hopefully everything works out well, especially since most of the stuff won't be installed till mid winter or Spring 2015. If there are hiccups then I hope Summit and LateModel treat me well as there is lots more $$ to be spent on my Coupe.
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  18. I'm quite happy with Fuelab and their service. Mine was 3 months out of its 2 year warranty. They sent me that new one in 2 weeks with no questions asked. I like having parts on my car that are backed by the companies that make them. It's nice to know that im not :poo: out of luck if something tanks.
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