Want to build another system. Help me pick.

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  1. My car has everything I think it needs so far except for a good system. I think the Mach is pretty good for a factory system but once you have had a system in your car it just doesnt do it for you. Not to mention that WHEN (not if) the mach head unit fails it is almost impossible to find a decent used one and new ones are $500.

    So anyway, Im gonna gut the whole thing because you pretty much have to. I need some advice on components though and Im not sure what to run.

    In the past I had the following in my 97 GT:

    Cheapo Kenwood head unit.
    Kenwood 3-way 6x8s in front and rear.
    2 10" Kenwood subs
    Pioneer 400 watt amp for the 6x8s
    Kenwood 600 watt amp for the subs

    That sounded like ass. I dont know what the problem was but it never sounded right. I heard that was a problem with Kenwood decks though.

    I want a CD/Mp3 player with sub controls. I dont know if I want to run 3 8" subs or 2 10s or 2 12s. I guess whatever will fit but I was thinking JL for subs. Also going to go with a custom enclosure for a clean look since Im hoping the car will be a show car one of these days. I dont know what to do for front/rear speakers. I just know that I want an affordable system that will be clear and powerful. Something that I can use to show off and something that I can listen to cruising down the street. What I had before will not work. If thats what I end up with there is really no point in going any further than this post. Suggestions?

  2. Start with a good deck. An Alpine or above. Pioneer, Kenwood, Clarion are all not on par with Alpine. Trust me as I have been competing for while now.

    JL Makes good subs so you will be happy with that choice. JL also make a decent set of components now, the XR series.
  3. thats a good deck, my good friend has one in his galant and his car has sounded perfect from day one, of course now we started competing back and forth and he hits 148 now....my lowly 145 was holding the title for a few months. I have massive subs and so does he, i would recommend them to anyone who isn't competition heavy but wants loud clean bass.
  4. if the money is there
    Alpine Type R Subs
    Alpine Head Unit
    Alpine Amp, or MTX.

    I have experience with all of these and I must say that for the $ they are ur best bet.
  5. What's your budget? Then it would be easier to help you decide on best value for sound components. :banana:
  6. I think that head unit I mentioned above will work. Alpine has a thing on their site where you can build a system and I found one I wanted but I think its just too much $$$. I have come to find out though you get what you pay for. I guess I could cheap out and get Kenwood again or spend some money and have something that slams.

    I know the head unit can be found "new" on ebay for about $100 less than advertised. Maybe Ill go that route.

    I dont really know what I want to spend yet, thats why Im researching. Keep the suggestions coming guys, I appreciate it!

  7. That deck is a good start. Now you are going to have to decide on a budget and wheather you want to go SPL or SQ. The amp and sub choices will differ greatly on these points.
  8. Sorry for the igrnorance but you will have to explain SPL and SQ to me.

    I built a system on Alpine's site and they recommend 6"x8" type r speakers up front and 6 1/2" in the rear. Will the 6.5" fit in the rear?

    I think a system like theirs is what I am looking for but I would like to spend less money. The subs and sub amp is half the cost of the whole system.

  9. SPL = Sound pressure level. Basically how loud can it pound.
    SQ = Sound quality. how full is your sound stage.

    Did you have teh mach 460 in your car? if So I would recomend component speakers up front with the 6.5" in the door and the tweeter in the 460 tweeter pod. If not then co axle will work just fine. I would not go with a 6x8. A true 6.5" is better as the sound is more natural. Save some money and only go 5.25 in the rear. your ears won't notice the difference because it is just rear fill
  10. Well, Alpine is good, but to say other head units can't compete with Alpine is an understatment. Clarion Pro Audio had the best rated CD players for many years. Not sure who is at the top this year, but I have a Clarion Pro CD player, and I would not change it for anything.

    As for Subs, JL are great, I have been partial to Rockford and their new HX2 POUNDS, and a 12 only need 1 cu/ft of space. BUT, they take A LOT of power. I have 1000watts pushing my one 12, and it could use a little more...but I am already fighting rattles even with the two lawyers of Dynomat and the prayed Dyno on the bottom of the car and trunk.
    If you are trying to save space you are going to have to start looking at what air the speakers need work good. The more air, the more space you are going to loose.

    As for your Highs, what fits is what fits. I would recomend a component system for the front with say 6 1/2"s in the door and your tweets up front. That gives you the passive Crossovers to set up the system a little better. As for the rear, that is mostly fill sound anyway, I have Kicker's and they do alright.

    You can put together the parts for a decent system for:

    Head: $300
    Speakers: $200
    Subs: $200 ( one 12)
    Sub Amp: $350
    High Amp: $300
    Wires: $200 (RCA's, Power, fuse blocks)

    So that comes to about $1500, plus the install if you are having someone do it. My custom fiberglass box and amp rack ran $500 with them installing everything. My car is not a show car at all, so this was not a show level install, but it fits my needs and only took up my spare tire well, and a few inches on the trunk.

    install at: (not the best pics did them quick for a friend)

    I would expect to pay around $2000 for a NICE system. You can cut corners places, get cheaper stuff, and replace it later, but IMO do it right the first time and save the headaches.

    Best of luck.

  11. go with xplod......theyve got teh BEST stuph out there!!! :rolleyes:
  12. Thanks guys. I think I know what I want to do now.

    Gotta start with a good deck and then 6.5 speakers in the doors with tweets in the stock pods. My only concern is fitting the 6.5s in the doors without cutting up a bunch of stuff. How did you guys mount them?

    For rear fill, If I decide to go with it, it really wouldnt matter much so I could use a whatever is cheapest, correct?

    Subs I think Im gonna go with 2 10s to save space and of course Ill need an amp for all that. Or should I go 12s?

    I want to go for sound quality since I dont compete. I would like to spend no more than $2000 for everything so what brand should I go with? I dont want to end up with something like I had before (but I think I already said that :))

    Just using Alpine as an example a system consisting of:

    Head unit mentioned above
    6.5 components for the front
    5x7 coax for the rear
    2 10" Type R subs (2ohm + 2ohm)
    900 Watt V-12 Class D amp for the subs
    400 Watt V-12 4 channel amp for the components

    Comes to $1990 using Alpines suggested retail. I could probably get it all for $1500 or less. It looks like a good deal to me but Im open to suggestion.

    Would something like that produce what Im looking for?

  13. You can do just fine with 1 12" sub or even 1 10" as long as you supply it enough power...any system that you give enough power to will sound good.
  14. Here's what I'd do if I were you:
    Components: CDT CL-61's $150
    These are some of the best speakers you can get for the money with the sale they have right now. If you look at the classic series towards the bottom, they have the 61a's, which have a slightly less bright red color to them, which is why they are discounted. To fit them, you'd have to make a new speaker bracket out of MDF, which isn't too hard, you just trace the outline of the old one and make a hole to fit the 6.5".
    Rear Fill: CDT CL-5X $48
    Run a single ED 12A, awesome subs: $295
    Amp for sub: JBL BP1200.1 $259
    Amp for components and rear fill if you decide to go that route:
    Avionixx AXA 440.4: $205

    That leaves you a pretty good chunk of change for a deck. I'd recommend Alpine also. Besides being easy to use, they have a super clean signal, and you really get a lot for your money.
  15. I respect your position, however,in my experience.....

    I had an apline 7969 (the former flagship) in my car and I switched over to the top clarion head unit the 935 (clarions current flagship). The sound Q wasn't even close. So I now use the clarion piece for shows and the Alpine for competitions. Clarion just can't compete with Alpine's copper chassis, true 4v preouts, and burr/brown processors (among other things).
  16. hey stylin, have you ever used pioneers higher end stuff... i have the deh-p930(flagship) and it is lighyears better than any deck i have ever used.. i have never used an alpine in my car, but it seems to be a fair bit better than any of my friends alpine decks... just curious as to how they compare.. because i'm getting sick of the look of the same old deck.

    id like to get rid of it just for a change, but i've never seen anything that works near as well.

    PS:hurry up with the picutures :p
  17. I have not had the 930 in my ride. If it is the premier flagship, i'm sure it's pretty good. I might not be the best person to ask about mid/high grade decks as I've never had a deck worth less than $1500 in my ride, lol. Only the flagship alpines come with the copper plated chassis and the other top toys (burr/brown processor :drool:). My buddy had teh 930 in his ride, but he swapped it for the top panisonic dvd/screen. looks cool, but the pioneer actually sounded better.

    I'm working on the pics :D :banana:
  18. i paid 1200 for the 930 when it first came out, so i knwo how you feel.. i see no reason to buy anything but the best for a headunit... i might have to give alpine a try this time..

    yay for pics :D
  19. :rlaugh: Best advice yet! :rlaugh:

    Stupid ppl who don't do their research end up being seduced into buying Xplod by money hungry salesmen!