want to buy 89-?? black lx hatchback

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  1. Its tax season time and im looking for a car. Not just any car/stang. Im looking for an 89 black lx with grey interior.

    im trying to "re live" the old days before i sold mine when i joined the army.

    a little history class here, i had an 89 lx in nice extremely sharp black paint, was a 306 with aluminum heads, E303 cam, 1.6 rockers, 24 pound injectors, 75 mm mas air, 70mm tb, 3.73 gears, eibach springs, alum. d/s, accel 300 ignition, comp shocks, u/d pulleys, bbk long tubes, vortech supercharger, and a stock intake.

    now ideally i would love to find my old car which i sold to a ford mechanic from toledo, ohio or somewhere near there from michigan. however i doubt thats a possibility as its who knows where and doubt anyone that looks at my ad would know who has my old stang.

    I dont want anything thats not an lx or doesnt have mass air, if its got a carb i would consider. i already have an 87 gt. but i really want to "relive" the days before i joined the army.

    i do have a price range in mind of 4500 bucks. would like to buy something thats already done as i dont have time to build since im in the army and either deployed or on a tdy trip alot.

    i included a pic of my 89 lx incase someone knows someone who may have it. and this is what im looking for in a new black lx stang.

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