Want to see the video of my 12.31 at 111.15mph pass?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Killercanary, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. I finally got around to converting my video of my 12.31 pass to an mpg format for all to see. This was my final run at the SSOTN race held at Cecil County dragway. It is the best pass I ever ran in my car. What makes this even better is the fact that I'm racing my dad... that's him in the other lane with the white 91GT. Check it out and let me know what you think. For some reason the volume isn't very loud so turn your speakers all the way up if you want to hear it. Help me conserve bandwidth and do the old the right click, save as in order to view it. It can also be seen on my website if anyone has trouble doing it this way.

  2. down already
  3. Lookin Good!!!!!
  4. Sorry but i gotta claim..... :bs:

  5. What the hell are you talking about??
  6. It shouldn't go down if people do the "right click, save target as" If people just click on the link, it will go down in no time as angelfire's bandwisth limit is very small and this video is pretty big as it takes up 1/4 of my storage space the give me.
  7. I'm going to assume your joking, right? Here's the slip JUST IN CASE you weren't.


    I think that's what we call.... :owned:
  8. How do you get BS out of this one? :rolleyes:
  9. the website is down but nice #'s Killa :nice:
  10. linkey no worky for me too.
  11. If its under 5 megs i can host it.
  12. Doesn't work here either.

    They took the site down due to "excessive bandwidth consumption"


    damn angelfire.
  13. I can host it if you want...

    I'm a hosting reseller... so I have plenty of bandwidth and storage. If you want I can give you an FTP addy. Just PM me.
  14. Its 4.17megs, let me know the easiest way to get it to you (whom ever) and I'll send it on over. I have a dial up so it will take me a while to send it, or I can send it from my in-laws later this evening as they have DSL and I now have a USB flash card with 128MB of memory so I can take the file with me... its so cool!!!
  15. Oops, I thought I'd add that I have a few videos from that day at the track if anyone wants to host more than one, its up to you.

    I thinks its back up as I was just able to right click and save as on it.
  16. If you want you can email it to me [email protected], for some retarded reason i can only upload vids that are only 5mb and under.
  17. Most dial-up ISPs will only allow you to email 3 meg files...

    I can PM you FTP access if you want and you can upload all you want... well, within reason. Just let me know as it's Friday and I have a busy schedule at work. :(
  18. Rude you mail...

    Paul- I don't know what a FTP is, but I'll PM you and maybe you can help me if Rude can't.
    My email is [email protected] if you want to email me.
  19. Didn't work for me either way.