Want to see the video of my 12.31 at 111.15mph pass?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Killercanary, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. I just watched it, and the audio was very low.
  2. Nice run Paul. I wish my car would finish as strong as yours does. I ran 7.95 @ 88 in the 1/8 but only trap 109.5 in the 1/4 (12.48).

    Whats up with Pops car? He was rollin on! Miss a shift?
  3. Hey Paul,

    Are those 16" pony wheels? What size E/T Street are you using? 28x11.5x16?

  4. Damn thats a nice run! I was actually going to go up there that day, but it was too damn cold. I wish I did.

  5. Paul, I just watched the vid. Nice run!

    One question though: Did your dad leave early (before the green), or did he just get that good of a jump on you?

    If he didn't leave early, and you would have launched at the same time he did, I think you might have been under 12 seconds based on the difference in starts.
  6. I'd like to know this too!!!
  7. Looks like Dad went red. R/T is -.035 on that time slip. He had a bout a .3 jump on him.
  8. I think they are 26's. With 26's and 4.10's, I think he crosses the traps around 5900 RPM. I could be wrong though.

  9. i can't download from killer's link, and rude's just gives me about 1 second of video but it says it's 4.17mb large, anyone else get this?
  10. In my 5.0 mag I only see 28" tall ET Streets for 16" wheels.... :shrug:

  11. I know this is off topic but if I have 3.73s should I run a 26" or 28" tire? I have a stock T-5 in a 94 GT.
  12. 26's, without a doubt.

  13. jjd975,

    Thanks for the timeslip math lesson! (Drag strip newbie here! Never made a run in my life.)

    My car is stock, so I'd have to spend a bunch of money first, or I'd just embarrass myself.
  14. Alot of people go to the strip without having any mods. There is nothing to be embaressed about, not every car at the strip is fast.
  15. I got really tied up at work...

    But since he uploaded it to my site... here it is.


    That's a very deceiving run... you trapped 111 and the other car trapped 93... sure didn't look like you were catching him. :shrug:

    BTW - Paul, I had to change the file name. Since my name is Paul it might get a little confusing. LOL

    If you have any more to upload go ahead and I'll post the link when I can.
  16. it doesn't matter if his dad left on time or didn't. Paul and his dad would have the same timeslip no matter how long his reaction time was. It doesn't start counting your time untill you leave the line...

    I have seen guys with new setups take as long as 3-4 secs... They aren't worried about the guy in the other lane and reaction times... There just trying to get a perfect launch down for a good ET and MPH...

    Here's where it could get sorta confusing... It will still tell you who won the race... This is based off who gets to the other end first without red lighting, but far as ET's they are based off the time you cross the starting line till you cross the finish line. This is why someone with a lower ET and higher MPH then the other car can lose due to a bad reaction time ...

    Oh and right now is the perfect time to get your car to the track and dynoed... That way you have some base number to compare with later...
  17. Yes they are the 16" pony wheels and he has 26" et streets on them.
    Once again good job buddy!! :hail2:
  18. Joe - Thanks.
  19. I agree i have to call :bs: also!
    Sorry Killercanary but there is NO way a yellow car will run that fast. Sorry but it's just not possible.
    LOL J/K :lol:

    Awesome run!

  20. Cool...nice run.... Whats your Dad running for exhaust and whats his motor set-up compared to yours???