Want to see the video of my 12.31 at 111.15mph pass?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Killercanary, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. Great run killer! :nice:
  2. Great run , man , I wish my Stang vert can do it that :nice:
  3. Wow, what a lot of replies. To answer your questions, I am running 4 year old 26X10.5X16 ET streets on stock 16" wheels. The fronts are my normal everyday street wheels. Dad didn't see the shift light come on due to the bright sun and smacked the rev limiter on the 3-4 shift and the car just shut off and stopped pulling. It was unfortunate as he ran a 12.01 run earlier in the day, and on this run he had that run beat up to the 1/8th mile, so it was more than likely his 11 second run. :(

    Yes, dad did red light, and I was a little asleep at the light. Normally we both red light when we race each other as we want to get the jump on one another, and ironically quite often one of use misses a shift when racing the other (normally its me).

    Thanks Rude and Paul!!! I really appreciate it guys.

    Rio- dad's car consist of a stock bottom end with SRP pistons, FTI ported Holley systemax II kit, FTI cam, FMS shorty headers, bassani offroad X, 2.5" flow tubes, borla mufflers with turn downs. He has all the bolt-ons, TKO, 31 spline axles, 8 point S&W roll bar, scatter proof bell, bogart D10 wheels... We recently discovered a problem with dad's car. We wanted the car to have around 10:1 compression ratio, but recent compression test revealed that we are no where near it. The compression came out around 130-135psi/cylinder which is WAY low. dad is trying to decide what to do next to fix it. He put down 323rwhp.

  4. Paul, he had me beat all the way down the track and was actually pulling away the entire way down... that is until he smacked the rev limiter and the car just shut down and wouldn't pull after that. At about the 1000' foot mark I started to FLY by him. Watch the video again and watch what happens as soon as we cross the line and look at how fast I pull past him. He's not on the brakes, it just I was going about 20mph faster than him at that point. Look at the timeslip too and you can see what I mean.
  5. How is the foot print on this combo? Summit suggests a 10" wheel.
  6. me ----> :hail2: -----> :banana: <-----Paul

  7. Thanks for putting that up for me Paul. The run was against JWALKER's car, he post here and the corral. It was cool to race another 94-95 as that NEVER seems to happen. He ran a 12.0 at like 118 or so that day. I liked this video as my burnout looks so cool... the wheel looks like it stands still. It was a 12.41 at 110.Xmph pass. I'll have to look for the time slip to give you more details as I don't remember.

    Thanks Anthony! I felt like a dancing banana the day I ran the times!