Want To Trade My 2010 Harley Davidson For 1965 Through 1968 Restored Classic Mustang

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Jul 22, 2012
Trade my 2010 Harley Davidson Fat Bob with only 3500 miles with extras for 1965 through 1968 restored Mustang. Must be a solid car, free from any mechanical or rust issues. Not looking for a project car but something ready to enjoy. Basically, looking to trade one hobby for another. Prefer GT or clone with some extra features. Have owned several classic before looking for one I can again call my own... Motorcycle garaged in Virginia.

For details on the Harley see this link: http://richmond.craigslist.org/cto/3135934237.html

I am original owner of the motorcycle not a scratch on it never been dropped I estimate the trade value between $15k to $16k - the extras alone are worth over $2k if sold separate. Cash plus sale on either side considered. Send me a PM or send photos and information to [email protected]

Road trip distance from Virginia preferred not going to ship or drive too far to make the deal as a medial condition is forcing the trade.

Appreciate your time and consideration!





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