want to upgrade, can't drive stick

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by chicks-dig-it, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. Okay, pathetic, I know. Is the the '03+ cobra a car i want to learn stick on? Strikes me as the kind of car you'd kill yourself trying. :shrug:
  2. Buy the car, and make ureself learn, its not hard, no one I know of has died from trying to learn to drive a stick. In my opinion, that is a pathetic reason not to buy a car. I taught myself when I was 17, while I was at the dealer the day I bought my 00 GT.
  3. i think it's easier to learn to drive a V8 stick shift than a V6 or I4. there is so much torque down low that it's hard to stall on the launch. just my experience.
  4. sticks on late model mustangs are more forgiving and easier to use than the old T-5s on 5.0's. i was used to my old 5.0 and i got my 96 cobra and i had to adjust to how easier it was to shift.
    be careful that if u give it too much gas and u let off the clutch way too fast, u are gonna screech some tires and the cops might think u are doing something wrong LOL! :)
    my friend did that on my other friends pick up truck (while he was learning to drive a stick). he would just let off the clutch while revving and there goes the truck! LOL
  5. Don't let yourself not go with the cobra because you never drove stick before, if I did that I wouldn't have my cobra today. It took me all of 2 days before I was out on the main roads driving. Yes, I did stall out a bunch of times, but that's all part of learning how to drive stick. Its like with everything else you never have done before, it takes time to learn how to do it. It may be frustrating at first, but after a couple days it will be like second nature to ya. Go for it. By the way, a stick is 10x more fun to drive than a slush box. :nice:
  6. i cant live without driving a stick now!
    i thought my friends were on crack when they said driving a stick is fun and u never want to drive anything else. now i know its fun!
    i taught myself on the flightline driving british sticks (cuz i was stationed in england) so i learned quickly.
  7. Taught my wife, she's 36 and was set in her ways, and now she's a pro. Takes great pride in knowing she drives the fastest grocery getter in our town. Redfire vert ET 11.88-- MPH 118.88 on DR's, upper pulley and tune, K&N drop in, Magnaflow X-pipe cat-backs and dropping the nose between shifts
  8. it is so much fun dude, u owe it to ureself to learn, and u owe it to ureself to get that car!