Want to write or photograph for a Mustang Magazine?

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  1. If you answered YES to the question, then keep reading.

    We are currently in the late stages of development for a Mustang print publication that will stand out like no other. We are seeking contributing editors, writers and photographers.

    We are looking for editors and writers with past magazine or book editorial experience. Yet, if you don't have any experience, please come forward anyway.

    When you contact us, we will tell you our ideas but please suggest your own as well.

    We have a standard document to send out to all potential applicants so please send all information including writing samples to [email protected] .

    Private messages are preferred but if you want to post publically, feel free.

    Thank you.
  2. i've always wanted to do that, but i'm poor and have to things the old fashioned way by scrounging them from wrecking yards. i would be really interested thaough, especially if there is any oppurtunity to test new parts at discounted prices from any of your advertisers, not looking for any freebies though, i like to do things myself and pay for them myself. what is your main focus going to be, stock or resto-mod or a combination of both? i think a new mustang magazine is a great idea, i've been feeling a bit underwhelmed with the current mags since the demise of mustang illustrated, MM and M&F seem to run a lot of the same articles and there isn't nearly as much competition anymore since they are both owned by primedia group. i'm very interested inhearing what your format is going to be like. good luck