wanted 4 lug old school wheels

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  1. Hey guys I am looking for a clean set of vintage 4 lug mesh or 5 star wheels. No Eagle deep dish but open to pretty much anything else. Have two sets of nib wheels would consider trade with one set of 07-08 GT500 wheels not take offs brand new and a set of the factory dark grey bullits also brand new. would like 15 or 16 inch preferably. Centerline even had a 80's vintage 5 star that would work. Willing to pay cash or trade, depending on what you got. So if you havnt already thrown my wheels away... Please send me a pm or call me @ 601 433 0358. Email is [email protected]. This ad is Not a joke. I really do want a set!!!! Dig in the closet an see what you can find. Thanks:nice: mustang11y.jpg

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  2. wanted old school five stARS

    Come on guys not even a snicker or two?? Nobody has got a set of them being used as a base for pot plants??? Know there are some still out there. Willing to drive, pay shipping .:nice:
  3. Help Apollo 12

    Please tell these fool that I am serious bout the wheel situation. This is same guy that drove 13 hours to buy the red 89 gt from you. I dont blow smoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  4. like Pony 4 lugs? or 10 hole 4 lugs?

  5. I have a set of great condition 16" factory pony wheels with new tires I would discuss trading for your bullitts. PM me or reply to this message.
  6. something like these:


  7. I don't have those but I'm interested in the bullitts. Are you selling those?
  8. yeah the are mesh would work

    Interested in selling the mesh wheels? Be nice if you didnt live have country away. Price?
  9. I wouldn't mind selling them but I would think shipping would kill the deal. I live about 2 hours away from the nearest Greyhound terminal. The tires pictured are old. I have brand new 205/60/15 front and 265/50/15 rear on them now. I'm looking for a set of Cobra R knockoffs to replace these
  10. I just sold this car to a friend. It has the wheels you are looking for. I will get ahold of him and see if he wants to part with them if you are interested.

  11. yes that looks like them. Behind center cap and on rear spokes part number should say 34a or 34b. also have american racing stamped on one of rear spokes. but please do contact him and get him to check. Did you have centercaps?
  12. I have a set of old school webed wheels liked the ones posted but the rims I have seem to have a thicker aluminium on them.Tires have about 8,000 on them.Might be what ur looking for.Had them on my 82GT.Never put fix a flat in them or slime but two of them loose some pressure every two weeks or so.They do not go flat in two weeks.Send U a pick if interested!Let me know.
  13. I have the exact wheels you are looking for but i am in california... if you want to work something out over pay pal we might be able to do something. they are they enkei 4 lug 16x9 mesh's. with a 19mm offset
  14. factory 5 stars

    i have a set of factory fivestar rims and tires just been painted look great 4 lug give me a call 256 394 6044 scotty
  15. old hammers

    i just picked up these old 16" hammers from a garage sale, chrome is pealing mostly on one rims, rims are straight and rash free. let me know what you think. the two pictured i cleaned up. all 4 come with 4 tires mounted, tires are 40-30% tread. no center caps.

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