Wanted : 67 headlight buckets

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by Travis77, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone here have a set of original headlight buckets they would be willing to part with? Must have all tabs and in good shape. Thanks
  2. Are you talking about the inner black bucket, or the larger pot steal or what ever there made of.
  3. I've got a pair of original '67 headlight buckets still in the fenders. I was going to list them one of these days. I'll pull them out and take them apart for pics if you'd like. They are not broke or cracked in any way that I know of.
  4. pot metal housings

    I will more than likely need the whole assembly. I mainly need the outer housings for mock up. I am trying to get the whole car alligned and in primer. I am not sure if the originals are able to be bought new. Thanks guys
  5. I have the whole thing, both sides. They make repop ones, I don't know of their quality, but they're in the neighborhood of $129 each as I recall and I don't know if that's complete or with the sheetmetal basket and trim rings or not.

    I would have pulled them last night, but it was raining to beat the band. It's supposed to let off today, I'll try and get to them tonight if it's not too muddy. The only thing I'm aware of is that they have a couple coats of vintage burgandy on them that I'm aware of. They came off a buddies race car and as far as I'm aware, it's been a race car since at least the early 80's, so I'm guessing they only had about a decade on the street. The car has been stored inside a shop when not racing it since I've known it in the late 80's. Sometimes it wasn't raced for several years. The car is being redone with a fiberglass front clip, a tornado came thru near his house and took the garage door down from behind the car, drug it across the car, then took the garage door out in front of it as well. Mainly scratched paint and small dents as the car had lexan windows. It's got a new 'moly backhalf and got a new cage and 'glass doors and decklid as well. He gave me the old stuff, it's in decent shape other than the valances.
  6. Mine have a couple small cracks. But the repo ones fit pretty bad, at least the 66 ones my buddy got. IF you can't get the non cracked ones from some one let me know i just want them out of the garage.
  7. 1320Stang, I sent you a PM a while back. Wondering if the buckets are still available? Thanks
  8. I sent you an email with pics, did you not get it?

    Email me at ljh{remove}@zrhd.com just take out the brackets and what's between.

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