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  1. 74 only?

    I have a hollander interchange that lists 2 different 2.3 C4 bells for the mustang II. I am looking for a whole 2.3 C4 mustang II for a holsett HX-35 monster. I have one unconfirmed report of one 1974 2.3 C4 car and i'm trying to confirm the transmission - Still waiting on the seller for data.

    i was told 74 pinto and earlier are your best bet... But honestly, I've talked to hundreds about the 2.3 C4 and tracked down 20+ cars and still haven't seen or found or confirmed one in a II.

    Good luck.
  2. How about early Aerostar and Ranger?
  3. I haven't saw one of those in a long time. You might try mustangII.net or fordpinto.com and see if any of those guys can help you out.
  4. Some early Rangers MAY have had the 2.3 and C4, but were more likely to have run the C3.
  5. I bought a 1980 Mercury Bobcat several years ago to make a drag car and it had the c-4 in it behind the 2.3. I used the tranny and sold the bellhousing. They must have been in several different models and years.
  6. There's a listing on eBay right now:

    It would really great if the guys at Quicktime Performance would make you one up: Quick Time Performance Products

    Some Quicktime bells are SFI approved which eliminates the need for a scatter shield.

    They made us up a MII/302 bell for the T-5 and factory MII 141 tooth flywheel, and that's a pretty low demand part.

    On a related note...that bell is listed in the clearance section, with 8 units available at $250 each...
  7. I have a 164 tooth bell in mine with a windsor,you dont have to go with the pinto or mustang ll bell. you can also get the larger flywheel and plate adapter kit and run the big v8 bell then converter choices are easier and cheaper
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