Mach 1 WANTED!! Diecast white mach1 2004

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by mach18604, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. I am looking for a White 2004 mach 1 die cast.
    I know they made them. Yet now they are had to get.

    [email protected]
  2. Yep, I bought an Autoart one about 1 year ago. The Azure Blue were hard to find back then too. I got mine for the same price as their showing. I think that's a good price. The only downside about mine was when I got it, it had the '03 Mach running pony on the side, and the black valve covers, and a non-factory Bullitt gas cap.
  3. I saw it on ebay and I paid for it and they never sent it...
    So I got my money back... I have seen the 03 many times.
    I should just settle 4 that but... Why settle.
    We will find an 04 someplace...
    Keep your eyes open guys!
  4. I have seen the 03 many times.
    But why settle for that?
    I want to hold out for the one I want.
    So keep your eyes open guys!
  5. I dont want to settle for an 03/
    Why not hold out for an 04..
    So keep your eyes open..
  6. I mail ordered mine ('03 TR) but when I was at the Fun Ford Weekend Event there was a guy there that had all the '03 and '04's and said he was planning on being at all the Atlanta FFW coming up this weekend.
  7. I have a blue Autoart Mach 1 as well. I I can over look the pony emblems but was dissapointed that they put the bullit gas cap on it. I also have an orange Autoart Mach 1.

    Here's my car with "The Mini-Machs"

  8. Well if you see that guy,,, It would be great if you can get his info. I will be @the ffw in Ohio. Thats not till june i think,,,,