Wanted :pics Of Carbon Fiber Hoods

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  1. Now that im almost done horsepower-wise for now(note the "for now") I want to make it look better. At first i was looking at fiberglass hoods but since you have to paint those i (UPS GUY JUST ROLLED UP MY DRIVE WAY.........EIBACH PRO KIT!!! :banana: ) umm ok continueing on.....oh yeah...since you have to paint the fiberglass hoods im thinking maybe ill pay a lil more for the carbon fiber since you don't have to paint them. However im worried about a maybe a lil ricer look because of the carbon fiber. Hook it up with some pics

    p.s - my car is black so i would prefer black stangs
  2. You live close enough for me to come over and give you a beat down. Don't want to read the words "Carbon Fiber" on this board again. For that matter "Clear tail light" threads are getting locked.
  3. dam, that was a lil harsh
  4. Vibe is right, CF does not belong on domestics. They are for riced out imports to put on there cars.
  5. What about a painted carbon fiber hood? You'd never know it was CF unless the person said so... But then again the ricers get it for looks and dont paint it :nonono:
  6. Vib you are god. If I were a mod thats exactly how I'd regulate. :D

  7. couldn't agree more. I will fly down from NH to give vib a helping hand.
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  8. ok fine, i knew it did have a lil rice associated with it but its not like im putting a black carbon fiber hood on a other-than-black car. give me some pics of some cowl hoods then(not a fan of fake scoops)
  9. On the "rice" subject saw a 94-95 stang drive by with ricer decals on the side of the car and a big out of place erector set spoiler, you know the ones you buy in a box that says some assembly required.It was about 12-14" inches off the deck lid and angled in the wrong direction causing lift not down force. It look so funny I almost wrecked because I was laughing so hard.

    Keep the rice off our cars.....
  10. oh and im definitly not a ricer, no clear anything, no wing(took mine off), 2.5 exhaust, 1 k&n sticker on my CAI and still got the v-8
  11. Doesn't saleen and griggs make carbon fiber hoods?? Hmm, I'd rock one but would paint it.
  12. I like the old look of the boss mustangs with the primer black hoods. I'm not saying that you should go out and buy a "kama...wutever" cf hood, but you dont have to paint your hood if you dont want.
  13. just for a reference photo i made this carbon fiber hood with photoshop the weave is a little big but you get the idea.....


  14. Vib......I'm lovin' it
  15. I'm not a ricer fan either...but I think vib was a bit harsh...these boards are to learn, everyone has different tastes. They do make them so imo it's a valid request. The guy just wants to get away with not painting one.
  16. :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: That's good stuff!

    Harsh? maybe, after all if it was painted cf would make a great hood.

  17. Agreed, I mean I dont think everyones Mustang should be just alike, I like my Stang b/c its a little diffrent from the others around here, Not to many Red SN95's around w/ White Cobra R rims. If you buy a hood and get it painted does it really matter what the hood is made out of? If someone gets a CF hood as long as it matches the car black on black then I dont see anything wrong with that.

    I find it stupid that its viewed that we are limited to do certin things to our stangs b/c its considered an "Import thing" Correct me if Im wrong but havent we ( Mustangs/Demostics) Been around longer then them? Just as long as your not doing a big gay Aluminum wing or Euro tail lights then there isent much you can do to rice out a stang as long as its done Tastefully. Now alot of people think Neons are Ricy but thats only from b/c of that stupid Movie, Ive seen black Mustangs w/ Purple Neons under them and it honstly look really good and I saw that way before the movie F&F was even thought of being made, now all of sudden b/c of that movie that stang would be considered rice :shrug:

    Just my .02

  18. I agree! Plus, threatening someone is not cool. :notnice:
  19. hey vipernfive0 can you photo shop that onto a black car? that would help me out alot
  20. "You live close enough for me to come over and give you a beat down. Don't want to read the words "Carbon Fiber" on this board again"

    how about Saleen S7 and the Enzo and the F-50, so I fail to see how Carbon fiber (which got big in Indy car) is totally rice?