Expired wanted tork tech kit for 03 GT

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  1. hi, first of all I hope I am doing this right as this is my first post in here, what I am looking for is a TORK TECH kit to fir a M112 supercharge on my 2003 Mustang GT Auto .

    I went around ebay and the internet, I only was able to find new kits for big amount of money , and I was looking for a second hand one , ....to be shipped to NY 11413.

    thank you so much .
  2. I think you will have a hard time finding one of these units used. I have been looking at used Vortex superchargers for the last 6 months and it is hard to find a good used kit. Have never seen a Tork kit for sale used during my search. Not impossible, but highly unlikely to happen. The Tork kit takes more work to gather all the right parts used, so people may be less likely to pull them apart and sell. Just my opinion. Good luck!
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  3. hi, can you please show me what did you find exactly from Vortex..and how much the cost was.
    I read somewhere that some guy was able to make a full supercharge kit "according to him " NEW, for 1500$ ONLY.. !
    well, that's almost my budget haha.
    thanks for your reply :)
  4. Check out the bottom link - good write up. This is what someone sent me from a previous post. If you check out the sight the costs are right on, just need to locate a good head unit, & installation doesn't look bad.. May be more units are available come spring. You can also check RacingJunk.com for used deals. I'm the same way, don't want to break the bank on this project.

    EDIT: summit racing has the base level Vortech kit for 3600 bucks w/ free shipping. A lot cheaper than a used 5.0


    EDIT: also check out the link below

  5. yep that is the post I was talking about , 1500 for a complete supercharger !!! SICK
    as for the other links, the one on summitracing looks good, yet I was willing to find something "LOOKS" more like the old cars,.. I mean the supercharger that goes on the top of the engine. for some resone I dont like vortech kits. ... maybe because they look like "turbos" :banana:

    a one more reason for why I am looking for the over top superchargers is the COPS here where I live.. DUDE !!! they put fines on any modifications on the car -__-
    even for just a cold air intake -_-

    I had flowmaster exhaust before , they stopped me took the car for 2 weeks, and give me a fine of 900$ "good thing I had some friends in that department they dropped that fine to 100$... YET ....WTH!

    and for a supercharger they can pound my car for that, UNLESS it's a saleen or cobra.. that's why I am looking for the original looking ones, so if I ever got pulled over...and they took a look on the engine I can say.. it's a Cobra XD.... they just write " FORD model:MUSTANG " in the car's REG.papers. they don't have trims or submodels, like GT COBRA SALEEN ETC.

    they trafic department here is so lame .. so i have to deal with it LOL
  6. Hey iv got a complete tork tech
    Intercooled kit that is brand new along with alot of other parts no longer have mustang. how much you looking to spend might sell you a brand new for alot cheaper
  7. hi, can you list the exact parts that you have, maybe as well pm me with your email ,...
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  9. still looking if someone got some used one for a good price please post it or pm me thanks .
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